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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Controller >> PlayerController >> UnrealPlayer >> xPlayer (Package: XGame)

The unreal tournament player pawn class.


Attract mode[edit]

See the functions in the AttractMode state.

AttractCamera camlist[20] 
int numcams 
int curcam 
Pawn attracttarget 
Pawn attracttarget2 
float camtime 
float targettime 
float gibwatchtime 
vector focuspoint 


MinComboKeyTime = 0.05 (const) 
Keys pressed faster than this will be considered a double-press
MaxComboKeyTime = 0.35 (const) 
Max time player has between button presses
int InputHistory[4] (transient) 
float LastKeyTime (transient) 
int OldKey (transient) 
float MinAdrenalineCost 
The minimum Adrenaline cost to activate any combo
string ComboNameList[16] 
List of combo names to be loaded into ComboList
class<Combo> ComboList[16] 


xUtil.PlayerRecord PawnSetupRecord 
float LastRulesRequestTime 
float LastMapListRequestTime 
bool autozoom 
Used for camera stuff
bool bClassicTrans (globalconfig) 
bool bHighBeaconTrajectory 
bool bWaitingForPRI 
bool bWaitingForVRI 
bool bDebuggingVoiceChat (config) 
bool bAutoDemoRec (config) 


ProcessRule( string NewRule ) (delegate) 
Called from ClientReceiveRule. Used by AdminPanelPlayers, UT2K4Tab_AdminPlayerList, UT2K4Tab_MidGameRulesCombo, UT2K4Tab_ServerInfo, Tab_AdminPlayerList, and Tab_ServerInfo.
ProcessMapName( string NewMap ) (delegate) 
Called from ClientReceiveMapName. Used by AdminPanelMaps, UT2K4Tab_MidGameRulesCombo, UT2K4Tab_ServerMapList, and Tab_ServerMapList.
CheckPriority() (exec) 
DebugMessage( string DebugString, optional name Type ) (simulated) 
String GetRoleString() (simulated) 
String GetPhysicsString() (simulated) 
ClientReceiveRule( string NewRule ) 
ClientReceiveMapName( string NewMap ) 
PlayBeepSound() (simulated) 
float RateWeapon( Weapon w ) (simulated) 
L33TPhrase( int phraseNum ) (exec) 
ServerSetClassicTrans( bool B ) 
bool FindFixedCam( Pawn target, out int newcam ) 
Vector FindFloatingCam( Pawn target ) 
Pawn PickNextBot( Pawn current ) 
bool LineOfSight( int c, Pawn target ) 
Rotator CameraTrack( Pawn target, float DeltaTime ) 
PawnDied( Pawn P ) 
SetPawnClass( string inClass, string inCharacter ) 
Possess( Pawn aPawn ) 
ChangeCharacter( string newCharacter ) (exec) 
for changing character on the fly (for next respawn)
bool NeedNetNotify() (simulated) 
AdminMenu( string CommandLine ) (exec) 
SpecViewGoal() (exec) 
ServerRequestBanInfo( int PlayerID ) 
ClientReceiveBan( string BanInfo ) 
InitializeVoiceChat() (exec, simulated) 
ShowAliases() (exec, simulated) 
ShowBindings() (exec, simulated) 
check() (exec) 


PostBeginPlay() (simulated) 
Loads combos from the name list
ClientReceiveCombo( string NewCombo ) (simulated) 
Client-side combo loading
DoCombo( class<Combo> ComboClass ) 
Checks Adrenaline cost and calls ServerDoCombo
ServerDoCombo( class<Combo> ComboClass ) 
Calls DoCombo on the pawn


PostBeginPlay() (simulated) 
PostNetBeginPlay() (simulated) 
PlayerTick( float DeltaTime ) 
Handle combo keyboard input
PostNetReceive() (simulated) 



Extends PlayerWalking.


Ignores SwitchWeapon, RestartLevel, ClientRestart, Suicide,ThrowWeapon, NotifyPhysicsVolumeChange, NotifyHeadVolumeChange, Say and TeamSay.

Category:Legacy Class (UT2003)

Category:Legacy Class (UT2004)

Category:Legacy To Do – Fill in any missing definitions.