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Replication of RotationRate

I run into a problem: I added the Actor "Fan2" and changed the rotation speed at Actor.Movement.RotationRate.Roll to have it turning faster. If playing this map locally all works as expected, but if the map is on a server, the default rotation rate is done on the client. My guess is, that the variables (the rotation rate) are not replicated to the client at game start. If I set Actor.Networking.RemoteRole to ROLE_DumbProxy, the rotation is updated according Networking.NetUpdateFrequency, but that's a bad solution, because its wasting band width.

My idea is to have the variables about rotation rate transmitted once from server to client and then run the rotation on the client independent from server. How can I achieve that? --SeriousBarbie 19:07, 23 January 2015 (UTC)