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R3plicant: Tarquin, hi. I'd like to have a working-online UT99 Flagbase, (Red & Blue obv'), that will keep a non-scrolling scrolling-message-texture scoreboard, (think Red above Blue, static, with Flag Cap score at the end of the team colour), updated with both red & Blue teams' scores as and when they happen - how would I achieve that? Second to that and a little off-topic, but indirectly related to this; I wanted a custom-font scripted texture to use for it, but haven't had any luck in making one. As you're probably aware it's simply not a case of making a new font texture, (which I DID manage, just). Any help much appreciated. Thanks! I can be found in #unrealed on Quakenet in irc during the day.

There's not much point addressing tarquin directly nowadays, he doesn't come over here anymore. For a more powerful info screen implementation, try Mychaeel's Screen component. —Wormbo 06:14, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Old discussion[edit]

Omarr: I've checked this page a million times... I can never remember which color is which number.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Think of red as being the beginning of the spectrum and blue is after red. 1 is after 0, so that is how I remember it.

Tarquin: I like playing on red. So red is zero, the best number :D okay, I mean the default number. For people who can never remember (like me) there's the team number page you can link to from any page that mentions them.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Zero is easy to remember, think opposites. Zero to red (4 letters to 3 letters), One to blue (3 letters to 4 letters)

SuperApe: This class page needs property, function, event and state defs. A Package name too.