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hey i´m new here my name is Chris and i started coding servermods for Americas Army 2.5 a half year ago. i got a lot of stuff working now but absolutely stuck with some functions like this one :( the idea is to make all players small (this works) and let them have really big heads.

thats what i did atm ...

var config bool bbighead;

Function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other) {

   AGP_Pawn(Other).SetBoneScale(0, 2.00, 'head');
   AGP_Pawn(Other).SetBoneScale(1, 3.00, 'head');


it gives no errors while compiling but in game nothing happens. any idea what i did wrong ?

This kind of question really belongs on a forum and not on a Wiki talk page, but apart from this code really requiring clientside execution, did you check whether your models actually have a 'head' bone? —Wormbo 04:33, 1 October 2009 (UTC)