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I don't get the thing about

  3. Use the Intersect tool to grab the shape you've constructed and add one to your level.
  4. Place the pivot point of the new brush on the corner of the brush or in the middle (bottom left is good).
  5. on your newly created blue, do Brush Context Menu -> Convert to -> static mesh

How do you do these steps?

Miatthas@gmail.com vague

This video tutorial shows it pretty well:

There you can see how to create a lift out of brushes, how to texture it and finally how to convert it. The part that is relevant for you starts at timecode 9:00.

You can select a vertex by clicking on it (preferably in 2D view). The selected vertex will be the pivot once you converted it. I don't know how to select a vertex in the center of a brush, but a corner will do as well.

To open the context menu you must rightclick on the selected mesh. —Crusha 22:31, 8 June 2010 (UTC)