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MonkeyBuild is a free tool for UnrealScript developers that simplifies compilation, testing and publishing (publishing only in Unreal Engine 3). It works in all versions of the Unreal Engine and with most games (even those which are not from the Unreal series).

This tool is a sequencer, which can create and save sequence scripts that can be later executed in a single click. Although it's primary use is UnrealScript compilation (UCC make without the need of a batch file or command prompt), MonkeyBuild can do a lot more - like, automatically delete or back up old files, run the game with the mutator on for testing and open the log afterwards; it can also do even UnrealScript unrelated tasks, such as moving files and opening programs. It can also cook projects in Unreal Tournament 3.

The program already comes with a set of example scripts to help you get started and automatically tries to detect any Unreal Engine games installed on the computer.

Created by Free Monkey Interactive.


Download MonkeyBuild here.



These are the types of sequences that can be used in MonkneyBuild:

  • Execute - runs any program you specify with any arguments you want. MonkeyBuild can wait until the program ends before continuing with the sequence.
  • Wait - adds a delay of the specified length.
  • Delete File(s) - deletes a specified file or a group of files (using wildcards).
  • Copy File(s) - copies a specified file or a group of files to a specified destination.
  • Move File(s) - moves a specified file or a group of files to a specified destination.
  • Compile Scripts (MAKE) - Compiles scripts using the UCC Make command. Additional arguments can be added.
  • Conform Packages - Runs a "conform" command to make one UnrealScript package network compatible with an older version of the same package. Note that MonkeyBuild will halt sequences if this command is not successful (for example, if one of the files cannot be found).
  • Cook Packages (UE3 only) - Cooks Unreal Engine 3 packages to optimize them and allow them to be played on a console.
  • Run Game - Runs the executable for the selected game. MonkeyBuild will wait until you exit the game before performing any more commands.
  • Run Server - Runs a server for the selected game. Can be used to launch local netgames.