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* [[Legacy:NetMode|NetMode]]
* [[Legacy:NetMode|NetMode]]
* [[Simulation]]
* [[Simulation]]
* [[Legacy:Replicated Function|Replicated Function]]
==Replication examples==
==Replication examples==

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"Replication" redirects here. For a description of the replication block in UnrealScript source code see replication block.

In Unreal Engine games replication is the concept of passing data between the server and clients in network games. Closely related is simulation, which is the concept of "guessing" server behavior on network clients using only the information already available to the client.

Despite consisting of a relatively small set of rules, applying replication concepts usually scares programmers new to UnrealScript and makes even UnrealScript veterans scratch their head once in a while. This collection of reference articles and tutorials attempts to make your journey into the land of replication as easy as possible.


Replication concepts[edit]

Replication examples[edit]