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  • ...SPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Feature Matrix]] for a direct comparison of those text editors' features. * [[Legacy:ConTEXT|ConTEXT]] – Free full featured text editor.
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  • | style="text-align: center" |'''[[Legacy:ConTEXT|ConTEXT]]''' | style="text-align: center" |'''[[Legacy:JEdit|jEdit]]'''
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  • Contains information about how to present and format text text alignment within the bounding region
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  • {{ambox|type=serious|text=Please refrain from using an offline reader or similar tools to download th ...] channels may be additional places of interest to get further help. Bring some patience, because despite being a real-time medium, communication over IRC
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  • ; ReplaceText( out string Text, string Replace, string With ) [final] : '''MythOpus:''' Do you think we could add some documentation on how to get these functions to work?
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  • There are numerous changes, so this page might be missing some of them. The information on this page is based on the [[Legacy:UnrealScript ; ReplaceText (out string Text, string Replace, string With) [final] : These are now static simulated [[Le
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  • Here are some example NetUpdateFrequencies for some UT2004 classes: | style="text-align: center" |'''Class'''
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  • ...be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the small + or - next to the name. Some properties themselves contain several values and are expandable, eg colors, ...es differs from the defaults for that class, copy it and then paste into a text editor. Only the properties that are different to the defaults are listed.
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  • ...w characteristics of the subject. It needs more characteristics, with less text for more content.
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  • ...ction at the top of the [[Legacy:Architecture|architecture]] page.<br />At some point I'll be digging up everything I've posted on semisolids to BuF-Ed... ...the early stages of transition, the wiki could become a big mess. Already some areas are starting to fragment and get confusing. Imagine what it might be
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  • Any UT2003 class page should begin with the text: * # Move all the text from the page to this new page.
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  • ...e name must be present in two different places. It doesn't matter what the text is, but something descriptive may help later. 'Blah' will do, as will 'Atta
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  • ...takes a long time to process a paste command. It can also be pasted into a text editor, where only the properties that have changed from defaults for that ; Advanced : Contains deep technical mojo. Some of these are handy for mappers, eg bEdShouldSnap makes the actor snap to th
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  • ...Disclaimer:''''' This page represents an idea for a proposed way of coding some particular functionality / behavior in UnrealScript. It does not represent //some behavioural code
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  • The text entered into these two properties is arbitrary: the only important thing is
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  • ...ne|Unreal engine]]. Some have been designed specifically for this purpose, some we just recommend as handy to have. * [[Legacy:Text Editor|Text Editor]]
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  • ...tropicLqd? They make them much easier to distinguish from the surrounding text. '''EntropicLqd:''' Because I felt that it made the actual text too hard to read (at least it did on my screen). I might try using <tt>the
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  • * You've created some empty space in your map: [[Legacy:Subtract A Space|Subtract a Space]], [[Le The first step when using the Texture Browser is to load some texture packages. In the Texture Browser window use File -> Open. ([http://
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  • Ok, a couple of things that confuse me about the exportet text. It starts with an Object declaration of the Menu itself, this isn't what w ...t have to post a bounty for decent tutorials on starting from scratch with some of this stuff. It looks immensely powerful drifting through the UScript co
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  • ...come to continually but his head against the UT1 engine's limits, and done some impressive things including skyboxes that are dangerous to gameplay (i.e. y ...more of this page, which I am eternally grateful that Highlander showed me some weeks ago (and which I only properly got into 4 days or so ago). The secti
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  • * # Move all the text from the page to this new page.
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  • ...asic map-building tasks. If you're just starting out you may want to read some of the other [[Legacy:Mapping Lessons|more basic tutorials]] on map buildin ; [[:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Other Objectives]]: Some ins and outs of other types of objectives you can add to your map.
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov ...ver mapping experience. Instead, it is strongly recommended that you have some experience mapping several other game types and have all the basics down be
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  • ...ass layer. (Note: the deco layer meshes won't show up yet until you change some of the properties mentioned in the next step) # Now we want to tweak some aspects of our new terrain to make things look a bit better. Select the Te
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov ** They have text strings which display on the HUD directing people to attack or defend them
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov Let's start by placing some PlayerStarts for the attacking team at the far end of the valley from the b
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov ...g|bot pathing]] issues, fire up the map in the game and give it a try with some bots to see how it goes.
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov ...then need to trigger to overload somehow. As mentioned before, it can add some interest and strategy to a game when there's more than one way to reach an
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  • ...apping Tutorial|Assault Mapping Tutorial]]. If you have arrived here from some other place, this page will likely make more sense if you start at the abov ...been shown here when you're putting together your own maps. Well, here's some possibilities:
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  • ...the level properties. The package name and music track will appear in the text box. '''Birelli:''' All text (including comments) above this was ported over from the [[Legacy:Music|Mus
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  • ==Configure EditPackages using Text Editor== ...y:Game Ini File|Game Ini File]] (ie: UT2004.ini) in a [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]] (ie: Notepad).
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  • ...the race type. now, anywhere on this page, add that word that came after text=xplayers.------ it should be similar to the ones on the page already. now,
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  • Create a new file in your preferred text editor and save the file as ComboBulletTime.uc. Inside that file, create a
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  • * Insert questions into the text of an article So far I've understood much of the stuff on the site. Some suggestions are:
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  • ...der in which the vertices are listed in the poly definition function call, some care may be needed. ; ToolTip : The hint text that appears when the user hovers the mouse pointer on the button.
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  • | style="text-align: center" |'''Operator''' | style="text-align: center" |<code>*</code>
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  • | style="text-align: center" |'''Export Class''' | style="text-align: center" |'''Allowed Extensions'''
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  • ...won't be saved along with the map, I suppose that can indeed serve to save some file space (not too much though since the rendered, cut world polygons are # paste to a text editor (eg TextPad)
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  • ...d Importing|Brush Exporting And Importing]] too. You can copy - paste to a text file too.
    2 KB (317 words) - 14:05, 26 December 2005
  • ...here admiring the scenery and checking its weapon. After all, a bot needs some motivation to move around. This motivation is provided in the form of inve ...is in, and what orders it has received. For an overview of states see the text in [[Legacy:State|State]] or [[Legacy:InitialState|InitialState]]. A bot i
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  • | style="text-align: center" |'''''Import Type''''' | style="text-align: center" |'''''Extension(s)'''''
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  • Boxer is a full-featured programmer's [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]] available from [http://www.boxersoftware.com Boxer Software].
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  • function bool has(Tokenizer.tokenType token, optional string text) if (text == "") return token ~= t.currentToken();
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  • We have some features of our NPC already defined for us; it's model, textures, animation * Some of these pieces indicate behavior that's initiated by the NaliCow; such as
    67 KB (8,400 words) - 21:20, 3 February 2006
  • Wiki writers can copy the following snippet of text to make the link:
    931 B (137 words) - 16:33, 29 April 2010
  • Getting used to SM... some rough ideas: ...their hard drive &ndash; mention the dependency in your map's accompanying text file.
    13 KB (2,312 words) - 02:48, 23 June 2004
  • * wrote text files, made level titles, made intermission screens, and performed other po
    3 KB (507 words) - 15:01, 3 July 2003
  • ...are a natural phenomena that occurs when light is refracted many times by some sort of lens, creating several images of geometric shapes to appear from a ...o not cover the whole range, but only a horizontal 4:3 part of it. It took some time to figure out that a mesh with a full UV-Range will squeeze the bloom.
    50 KB (7,997 words) - 10:52, 18 November 2007
  • This text is going to handle the where to do and not the how to do. That means you sh ...without defining it too straight. Every weapon differs from the others in some way but Weapon.uc is defined to be abstract enough to suit any weapon (if y
    7 KB (1,273 words) - 16:40, 4 December 2005
  • The '''Canvas''' is a wrapper for methods for drawing text, [[Legacy:Texture|Texture]]s and [[Legacy:Mesh|mesh]]es on the local player ; bool bCenter : Whether to center the text.
    12 KB (1,737 words) - 17:10, 21 October 2016
  • ...mmandlet and the exact name he types isn't found, then ucc.exe appends the text "commandlet" onto the name and tries again. Therefore, the following short (incomplete list, some may need a package name specified)
    9 KB (1,218 words) - 16:49, 29 April 2010
  • '''Jediborg:''' Does anybody know how to write text to the console via a script? I know you can write to the utlog file, but th
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  • .... Most of them are equivalent to actions in the rest of the interface, but some of UnrealEd's features can only be accessed here. See [[Legacy:UnrealEd Con # Opens the log window. Some console commands produce output here.
    2 KB (281 words) - 03:04, 25 May 2003
  • :'''Tarquin:''' I've never had this problem, some people say it's frequent. Could it be OS-related? I've just seen a post on ...case, splitting the brushes in two got rid of the crash. Perhaps useful to some.
    18 KB (3,042 words) - 14:46, 21 February 2016
  • ...y:Texture Browser|Texture Browser]] and select a corona texture. There are some nice ones in GenFX and City. | style="text-align: center" |0.1...0.3
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  • : '''''Hint''''' - the text if mouse cursor over the button
    2 KB (259 words) - 20:24, 28 December 2005
  • ...rver; but to keep that password from being sent over the Internet in clear text, the client calculates a checksum over the transmitted stats data ''and'' t final function int Crc(coerce string Text) {
    5 KB (603 words) - 02:13, 5 February 2006
  • ...for pages, but with much smarter handling of concurrent edits of the same text files (like source code files): Edits that don't collide (on a per-line ba ...latest version of that module from the repository; non-colliding edits of text files are ''merged'' into the local files (rather than overwriting local ch
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  • ...should be "small" ones, at least and definitely in terms of the amount of text necessary to describe them in the log. (Where "Fixed typo" would have the
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  • * After 82 seconds, fades the text "Press ESC to begin" in at the bottom of the screen.
    638 B (97 words) - 22:23, 21 May 2010
  • ...are most often specified in hue, saturation, and brightness (HSB), but in some contexts in red, green, and blue (RGB). | style="text-align: center" |'''Description'''
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  • ...out the only thing to be said in its favor. A decent [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]] (in coding terms) supports: ...ed paragraph has the same indentation as the paragraph you're coming from. Some editors will also change the indent when you type opening or closing braces
    34 KB (5,823 words) - 09:32, 7 April 2006
  • ...read some of the technical pages here, they turn into a bunch of swimming text like a Matrix screen. Just tell me the basic stuff in basic language, then
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  • Most programming in [[Legacy:UnrealScript|UnrealScript]] is done in a text editor or IDE, and a whole bunch of classes are then compiled with [[Legacy #* Enter a class name. If you're pasting in some ready-made code (from this site, for example), the name must be the same as
    5 KB (754 words) - 15:16, 11 April 2006
  • # select all the text in the bottom box, copy & paste to a Wiki page '''DJPaul:''' Yes -basically you make another script that feeds in text from all UT2003 classes, then this script creates many pages for us. Resul
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  • The '''Canvas''' is a wrapper for methods for drawing text, [[Legacy:Texture (UT)|texture]]s and [[Legacy:Mesh|mesh]]es on the local p ...HUD (UT)|HUD (UT)]] subclass, it's usually a better idea to overwrite just some of the other functions declared in HUD or [[Legacy:ChallengeHUD|ChallengeHU
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  • You need to create some new UnrealScript classes. You can either: ...not recommended. Instead, use any of the [[Legacy:Text Editor| suggested text editors]].
    10 KB (1,368 words) - 11:01, 18 November 2007
  • I'm actually not a very big FPS player. I like RPGs, puzzle games, some racing games, and rail shooters (as long as they're Panzer Dragoon). I'll ...e. I've also written a small script that's the start of a general-purpose text preprocessor with Python syntax, which is on the Wiki: [[Legacy:Templating
    4 KB (662 words) - 23:29, 14 February 2003
  • ConTEXT is a small, fast and powerful [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]], developed mainly to serve as secondary tool for software develope * text sort
    3 KB (516 words) - 10:15, 1 July 2007
  • ...dSetting("Command Line", "GameRules", default.DisplayText[i], 1, i++, "Text", "16","Mu|L|Lm");
    5 KB (547 words) - 08:59, 25 August 2004
  • ...<text> : Returns comma-separated list of actions with names starting with "text".
    2 KB (288 words) - 20:23, 25 August 2006
  • ...orm a console command on the server's console. This effectively sends the text after the ADMIN to be interpreted as a normal console command. The vast ma ...tation. The same effect can be accomplished by simply by entering "Say # <text>" - so you can just use your Say key.
    4 KB (679 words) - 00:39, 17 October 2008
  • ...specify. When trimming memory usage, this is useful for figuring out why some object is being loaded. ...rent gameplay situation to the clipboard. You can then paste the resulting text into an email program, Notepad, etc. Extremely useful for beta testers, bec
    7 KB (745 words) - 23:38, 22 November 2005
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''Command''' | style="text-align: center" |'''Description'''
    5 KB (762 words) - 16:40, 17 February 2022
  • ...specify. When trimming memory usage, this is useful for figuring out why some object is being loaded. ...rent gameplay situation to the clipboard. You can then paste the resulting text into an email program, Notepad, etc. Extremely useful for beta testers, bec
    4 KB (575 words) - 18:56, 13 August 2005
  • It will send to an external progam, some text messages. I created this code to let's know in real time the status of the result = super.SendText(Str$LF); // Call the super (send the text)
    4 KB (449 words) - 14:15, 6 August 2009
  • I just started with coding but I am missing some practical examples. So I put here what I found out so far together with the So I made some changes on the functions that let the grenade explode - I deleted the funct
    8 KB (1,399 words) - 13:58, 16 December 2005
  • ...d that as I had edited my InstantActionPage incompletely, there were still some references back to the old tab. ...actly what I have to do, I've been looking at the weapon loading class for some bits.
    5 KB (898 words) - 16:01, 31 October 2003
  • Ok. First, I have to find out how I can draw a text like "Strength: 5" permanently on the HUD/screen. I already asked in severe ...ss. Now the next little step is to find out the correct function to draw a text and the last step is how to use this function right.
    3 KB (482 words) - 03:13, 30 September 2003
  • ...would be more useful would be see single pages that explain things with ''text'' and maybe the odd snip fform the code to illustrate. ...ence, it's much more useful to novices and experts alike to see accurate ''text'' definitions of functions, event and states. I say keep one or two for ex
    7 KB (1,086 words) - 09:10, 8 December 2005
  • It ''may'' be possible to write something that converts this exported text file (or maybe a raw Unreal object) into a .CON file, but we'd have to figu
    1 KB (230 words) - 14:12, 7 March 2008
  • All [[Legacy:INT File|INT file]]s are plain text so you can look at the others in the {[[Legacy:Base Directory|Base Director Use a [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]] to create the file (if you are using Notepad, make sure it does no
    4 KB (574 words) - 13:08, 25 March 2008
  • For this we are going to use the CheckReplacement function - at some point during map startup every actor in the map is passed through this func ...even half the code statements were explained with code comments or in the text, this might be useful for learning.
    5 KB (804 words) - 06:44, 7 April 2010
  • ; Font OverlayFont : font for text ; String OverlayText : text to display
    503 B (54 words) - 20:41, 15 October 2004
  • ...******s the hard way. I had real troubles with spammers myself glad to see some action ...ir spammed pages, and it would take much longer to find them? Or is there some sort of protection against this?
    35 KB (6,249 words) - 00:56, 18 July 2006
  • | style="text-align: right" |'''44''' | style="text-align: right" |3
    2 KB (254 words) - 00:58, 2 November 2005
  • ...ough and through, please remove the extraneous UT2004 comments in the code/text and be more explicit at the top of the page. (how many times can I say "UT2
    6 KB (864 words) - 12:58, 3 November 2009
  • *''' Some websites will let you use and distribute the textures however you wish.''' *''' Some will let you use/distribute the textures so long as you do not do so for a
    5 KB (823 words) - 03:29, 8 July 2009
  • ; bool bCenter : Whether to center the text.
    1 KB (175 words) - 07:06, 12 February 2008
  • Standard FF style is a straight box with text in it and a little down arrow when its done. I'll do this one, then add a
    3 KB (474 words) - 20:09, 19 January 2003
  • * T3D Unreal Text format * [[Legacy:T3D File|T3D Unreal Text format]]
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  • | colspan="2" style="text-align: center" | | style="text-align: right" |Role
    3 KB (406 words) - 11:57, 4 February 2006
  • ...</tt>, <tt>SPECIES_Bot</tt>, <tt>SPECIES_Human</tt> (where the humans have some sub-species, namely <tt>SPECIES_Egypt</tt>, <tt>SPECIES_Merc</tt> and <tt>S ...eSkin=PlayerSkins.EgyptFemaleAHeadA,Portrait=PlayerPictures.cEgyptFemaleAA,Text=XPlayers.EgyptFemaleAA,Sex=Female,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+0.4,CombatStyle
    4 KB (589 words) - 17:25, 9 March 2004
  • It lets you append text to the game's log file. The stuff it writes can be viewed while the game is ...st like normal chat. Meaning that if you send too many messages too fast, some of them simply won't be displayed. The limit is quite low too... So be sur
    12 KB (2,041 words) - 09:39, 6 November 2006
  • '''El Muerte TDS:''' does it even need text ? it's just a DON'T.
    2 KB (337 words) - 13:17, 27 September 2013
  • Javacc uses a notation which seems to be translatable to EBNF. Unlike some other parser generators, the generated source code also doesn't depend on a ...that). So I will not lead code there. Some of the team members really had some crazy ideas. Everything they want can be done with, of course, enormous amo
    13 KB (2,400 words) - 18:16, 29 October 2003
  • Read text and notice "Save" to spend time. Press "Cancel" just for the power it gives ...this Wiki thing, go to the [[Legacy:Sandbox|Sandbox]] and show those n00bs some real moves!
    9 KB (1,685 words) - 02:13, 17 November 2005
  • Some classes have differences that aren't important, like spacing, precision of ** Some changes in the classes suggest that axis directions are different in [[Lega
    7 KB (1,040 words) - 10:42, 25 November 2006
  • Text in conversation shows up in two ways.
    3 KB (445 words) - 05:09, 14 February 2004
  • ...rking runes in the mod's current state, with a brief description of each. Some runes may seem familiar to those who have played the original Rune Quake or | colspan="2" style="text-align: center" |
    4 KB (544 words) - 21:39, 10 July 2005
  • ...questions of a more experienced one. Hopefully, this interface will help some who still have questions about the intracacies of Uscript understand things ...gram flow of UScript (might even bundle it with a small java file to throw some XML around it hehe)
    9 KB (1,310 words) - 18:18, 8 September 2003
  • ...to be taken downstairs and put in front of the TV, or, climb into bed for some kip and a cuddle. The cuddle involves fidgeting, kicking, scratching, and ...all. The TV goes on and I have to change a nappy, empty a potty, get them some milk, stop any fights that break out. At this point I can escape to work a
    17 KB (3,227 words) - 02:26, 16 June 2007
  • ...me mutators for UT3 (the game rocks btw). It's been good to actually have some concentrated time to get to grips with the code. Although, to be fair, I d ...' If I thought I had the time then I would have a go at doing it. I spent some time looking at the possibility of having a single UI screen that I could u
    56 KB (10,109 words) - 10:44, 28 December 2007
  • | style="text-align: right" |http://www.esconline.org | style="text-align: right" |Revision 1, 09/06/02
    10 KB (1,676 words) - 00:33, 23 January 2007
  • Another great [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]] is [http://www.editplus.com EditPlus], it has a lot of features, f
    1 KB (212 words) - 19:38, 8 February 2005
  • ...crude and meant to run in [http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin Cygwin]. Maybe some day I'll be able to compile mods and mutators in linux and/or bsd.... ...lled up a model and I did a weapon mod based off of the biorifle. There're some things I'd like to be different, but it's not worth the time and effort.
    2 KB (418 words) - 09:06, 3 May 2003
  • There is some low-level link between the key bindings and the UI events. For example, in Finally, in U2HUD.int, the text is defined:
    3 KB (336 words) - 06:44, 17 September 2003
  • ...ckage is used by the Mod Menu Extension and the UnrealXP GUI skin. It adds some features to existing UWindow classes and also provides completely new class Some of these classes have been made public already as [[Legacy:Useful UWindow E
    5 KB (510 words) - 06:19, 19 November 2007
  • ...rt, the actual development. Could use another mapper to help with creating some initial maps to improve the development of the tracks. I hope [[Legacy:Alph ...mi-dedicated level. By the time we have a release candidate I expect quite some people to contribute to the project (e.g. Create a track or maybe even a ka
    37 KB (6,710 words) - 01:32, 7 April 2006
  • ...mands (Level.ConsoleCommand and PlayerController.ConsoleCommand) only have some basic working commands, and no feedback if a consolecommand exists. | style="text-align: center" |'''''ini configuration'''''
    15 KB (2,477 words) - 02:28, 3 March 2004
  • ...ct you should have no orphan classes. The class overview HTML file how has some more info, the rest is coming. Also need to focus on type links I also need some nice images for buttons and stuff.
    18 KB (3,341 words) - 02:29, 3 March 2004
  • ...ndard: the GameSpy protocol. But this protocol is not well defined and has some design flaws. ; text : just a single string as reply
    9 KB (1,341 words) - 02:32, 3 March 2004
  • ...ors from large companies, but it's now used buy large companies to prevent some compitition and earn money. ...ure The Beer is almost complete, only need to replace a few more pieces of text, so something with the announcer. And double check if it works online.
    39 KB (6,923 words) - 02:33, 18 August 2004
  • ...out very very surprisingly horrible).. and I've learned quite a bit about some shortcuts to use in the editor that I never learned during reading all the ...t this MeshEmitter thingee, but perhaps I will when I get around to making some nice gibs. This game needs gibs. Big time. All we have right now are lim
    22 KB (3,790 words) - 23:34, 23 January 2007
  • ...acy:Land Of The Dead|Land of the Dead]] all my game experience has been in text-based games, both MUD and Web) ...t cover the ground without obscuring everything. Ground fog can be put to some incredible mood enhancing effects. I have not managed to get this to work
    4 KB (685 words) - 09:15, 6 April 2006
  • ...u just find were it says the text in the actor proporties of the scrolling text thingy and mess around with it.
    2 KB (269 words) - 11:43, 15 March 2004
  • | style="text-align: right" |'''''Name:''''' | style="text-align: right" |'''D.O.B:'''
    3 KB (527 words) - 09:56, 21 December 2002
  • ...an all fit in the image. I think it might be an idea to try & make this in text with nested lists. ...ip whats going on.. some times a page full of text is a little daunting to some body such as myself still trying to get to grips with the basics ... Great
    4 KB (665 words) - 19:50, 22 January 2006
  • My job leaves me with a lot of time to think. Some people ask if I lie awake at night thinking about these things. Said people ...speaking their native language. These have, of course, been abolished for some time now. However, when I think about it, in a way, they still exist: they'
    54 KB (9,451 words) - 07:01, 16 March 2006
  • ...usly, you don't want gameplay to begin until after the player has selected some stuff from the main menu. Some players would rather have a true "save" and "load" feature on the single-pl
    130 KB (23,327 words) - 12:37, 2 September 2005
  • ; DrawTextDebug(Canvas Canvas, String str, optional int indent): Draw text for debugging
    6 KB (808 words) - 05:15, 18 October 2004
  • ...dunreal.com/). This theme is based on the "Chilled Blue" stylesheet, with some changes to accomplish a few particular goals: ...huge blank spaces on either side of a "cash register receipt width" box of text. Various other elements have had margins or other whitespace reduced to ma
    2 KB (383 words) - 23:13, 9 December 2004
  • ...discard each item. AcceptInventory needs to gracefully handle the case of some inventory being accepted but other inventory not being accepted (such as th ; string GetBeaconText() : Return beacon text for serverbeacon.
    34 KB (4,705 words) - 13:54, 7 April 2008
  • UUs are not completely arbitrary: there are some things you have to scale to that you can't change. Specifically, light and | style="text-align: left" |3640
    19 KB (3,048 words) - 04:14, 24 September 2007
  • Full tree quotations within the text should be marked out in the same way, eg:
    6 KB (866 words) - 03:35, 24 September 2004
  • ===Text formatting === Some simple guidelines:
    5 KB (754 words) - 16:04, 10 January 2005
  • ...e linked from other pages so people can navigate their way to it. Here are some suggestions: Broadly speaking, there are 4 places to put links on a page: in the text of the page, in the Related Topics section, in the External Links section,
    8 KB (1,358 words) - 14:24, 21 January 2006
  • * If you like, you can enter just a line or two of text for an entry. It's a start. Full-blown articles are not required. Adding an * How you word your articles will determine, to some extent, how likely it is other people will work on it. Examples:
    4 KB (728 words) - 18:02, 20 January 2006
  • *# paste to a text editor
    941 B (162 words) - 14:04, 21 September 2004
  • Some rough notes of things to mention: ...environments mentioned above, but assumes that you use your own (favorite) text editor to create and edit your sources.
    5 KB (729 words) - 07:56, 2 May 2003
  • ==Text== The text of your tutorial should allow the audience (another Wiki user) to follow yo
    5 KB (858 words) - 16:53, 15 December 2005
  • ...ry and defend it. When the attacking team reaches it, they "disable" it in some way &ndash; the various subclasses tell the bots that they need to do (can ...spawn it at the map origin. This is one reason why the code might work on some maps and not on others.
    14 KB (1,955 words) - 09:15, 27 December 2006
  • ...class is a text label. You use it to display labels or multiple lines of text. It's probably more complex than you are expecting - but at least it's eas ;localized string Caption: The text to display.
    2 KB (257 words) - 15:06, 27 April 2004
  • ; ReplaceText (out string Text, string Replace, string With) [static, not native] : Like Repl, but modifie ...s, output to stdout/err, or to logfile. First call with bStop=True prints text "UNICODE str: Time=%lf ms" to output, logs "Log: Unknown percent in UnUnix.
    16 KB (2,599 words) - 09:40, 14 July 2010
  • Used for aligning text in a box. Used for forcing case on text.
    5 KB (628 words) - 12:39, 21 November 2005
  • ...th text in it. It will automatically handle new lines for you, and it has some fun parameters. ...IScrollText]] MyScrollText: A [[Legacy:Subobject|Subobject]] which defines text this box displays.
    4 KB (597 words) - 08:28, 20 July 2003
  • ; bool bClickText : Upon clicking on this text box, fill in ClickedString field. ; string NewText : New text to add at the end of the current text.
    3 KB (357 words) - 20:07, 13 January 2005
  • ...that the Wiki is using a US standard, but ignore differences if they're in text that doesn't affect technical things. Links kind of have to be stringently
    4 KB (683 words) - 19:41, 4 June 2004
  • ...]. [[Legacy:Mutator Config GUI (UT2003)|Mutator Config GUI (UT2003)]] has some information on how these classes can be used to build a configuration scree Any UT2003 GUI class page should begin with the text:
    4 KB (356 words) - 01:56, 7 April 2006
  • ...float left, float top, float width, float height, eTextAlign Align, string Text ) : ...float left, float top, float width, float height, eTextAlign Align, string Text ) : Can be used to draw. Return true to skip the default draw method.
    3 KB (328 words) - 13:24, 16 December 2005
  • ...ot a job with LithTech in 2000), and later I moved back to NC to work with some great people at Vicious Cycle (on several console projects, with both good ...nd career), I've decided to revive my modding projects and finally realize some of the designs that have been floating around in my head for the last few y
    8 KB (1,338 words) - 00:10, 2 January 2008
  • # You shouldn't need to change below this text for code-only mods. I
    3 KB (393 words) - 06:25, 19 November 2007
  • .txt - Numerical Text
    3 KB (448 words) - 12:41, 5 May 2006
  • Some interactions: ; Console: it takes input (in the form of text commands) from the player, and renders the results of those commands onscre
    12 KB (1,842 words) - 15:24, 1 September 2012
  • ; string Text : ; SetInstructionText (string text) :
    6 KB (653 words) - 21:03, 17 December 2005
  • copy the text from each box into a file (in the dir ut2003\GravityZoneInfo\classes) with
    2 KB (309 words) - 15:16, 20 June 2003
  • ; color DrawColor : The message's text color.
    4 KB (466 words) - 10:38, 6 October 2005
  • {{ambox|type=notice|text=A Wiki is not the ideal way to carry on long discussions, BeyondUnreal's [h ...I try to put a timer on a pawn, will it get erased after the pawn dies, or some other event that I may not realize? If so, I'll have to recrete the timer
    51 KB (8,829 words) - 10:53, 3 May 2008
  • ...ovement Metrics (UT2003)|Movement Metrics (UT2003)]]) which draws a lot of text. ===How do I draw a text?===
    10 KB (1,543 words) - 20:44, 17 December 2005
  • ...ges[8] (transient) : All special [[Legacy:LocalMessage|LocalMessage]]s and text messages sent as 'CriticalEvent' are stored in a HudLocalizedMessage struct
    8 KB (1,199 words) - 12:01, 16 November 2004
  • ...olders]] with the base name "hunted". Inside the classes folder, create 4 text files: //we will use the regular pawn till we make some changes in our pawn
    9 KB (1,460 words) - 18:58, 23 December 2007
  • Portrait=PlayerPictures.cJuggMaleAB,Text=XPlayers.JuggMaleAB,Sex=Male,Menu="SP", Portrait=PlayerPictures.cMercMaleAA,Text=XPlayers.MercMaleAA,Sex=Male,Menu="SP",
    3 KB (459 words) - 09:19, 19 September 2006
  • ...oint find it a home elsewhere in the Wiki. To get started, click the "Edit text of this page" link at the bottom of this page. This is the body text. Here's a link to the [[Legacy:New Contributors Quick Start|New Contributor
    10 KB (1,782 words) - 16:24, 21 September 2005
  • ; MODE_Text : Data is plain text. The entire buffer should be received as a single string. ; MODE_Line : Data is plain text. The buffer should be split up into lines and each line should be received
    3 KB (495 words) - 04:13, 23 August 2007
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''Dec''' | style="text-align: center" |'''Hex'''
    11 KB (1,627 words) - 15:19, 19 August 2012
  • ...hey, don't light candles in bed and be nice to your girlfriend), but with some sensible precautions your mod project need not die when they happen. ...ms can't backed-up just like a Version Control system since they use plain text files.
    6 KB (979 words) - 20:31, 28 November 2006
  • return TEXT("User"); debugf(NAME_Init, TEXT("Input system initialized for %s"),Viewport->GetName());
    11 KB (1,578 words) - 03:16, 7 May 2007
  • So I went looking, and I just found some good tutorials # Now, just like you would select any text in a textarea, select all 3 chars from the Patern Speed and use "CTRL C" to
    6 KB (1,063 words) - 06:43, 25 July 2006
  • ; string GetDisplayText( string PropName ) (static) : Display label text for configuration menu. ; string GetDescriptionText(string PropName) (static) : Display description text for configuration menu.
    9 KB (1,118 words) - 09:24, 27 January 2007
  • ...lso note that I come from a woman-only family, which ruins you for life in some aspects (as tarquin will agree) ;) For some reasons, my genom doesn't contain any arts-related parts, or at least no go
    4 KB (675 words) - 14:24, 4 April 2003
  • ...[[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]], written in Java. Although it's still a text editor, it has many of the features of a full blown [[Legacy:IDE|IDE]] * Perform text searches with support for regular expressions
    3 KB (481 words) - 11:42, 20 August 2007
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''<u>Watch List</u>'''
    2 KB (296 words) - 16:03, 5 February 2004
  • ...ith my main two mod ideas of the moment, and seasoned contributors will at some point find the material a home elsewhere in the Wiki. ...world. If someone could make a generic ringword map as a base and then use some coding talent, maybe it could even become a new gametype for UT where you c
    9 KB (1,576 words) - 11:18, 30 June 2003
  • ...Thanks to the Trasher for the little logo. You won't believe how easy the text effect is.]] Working on it. Got some screenshots at the [[:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Noodles]] project p
    3 KB (403 words) - 12:07, 26 May 2004
  • Hope u guys can give me some love and support! ...r, it's interpreting each line as a different paragraph, which is why your text looks "double spaced."
    2 KB (288 words) - 13:19, 7 January 2005
  • ...credit! Also, feel free to add comments but please don't edit my journal text unless you feel like adding a helpful link! The Onslaught map is working fine for now. I'm going to have to develop some kind of code outside of it in order to separate out mod from looking too mu
    22 KB (3,908 words) - 17:31, 14 February 2008
  • ...vestigation'' into switching players' pawns into and out of ragdoll mode. Some considerable mileage was made but the implementation does not work in netwo (Note: this text cut from [[Legacy:Karma Ragdoll|Karma Ragdoll]]. Karma Ragdoll should be d
    48 KB (7,108 words) - 03:22, 14 September 2006
  • ...code. You would have to save your work and then edit your code later in a text-based editor such as notepad.
    775 B (116 words) - 00:48, 11 April 2010
  • ...stract classes which contain an array of [[Legacy:Localization|localized]] text. They can be used to display messages to players, either individually or gl ...to be localized on the client side, and saves network bandwidth since the text is not sent. Actors (such as the [[Legacy:GameInfo|GameInfo]]) use one or
    7 KB (807 words) - 20:09, 13 April 2007
  • // Subpage help text // Localized Menu Link Text
    117 KB (12,093 words) - 17:31, 19 March 2003
  • ...etting("Server", "DefaultProfileName", default.LPPropsDisplayText, 1, 10, "Text", "32");
    4 KB (366 words) - 17:30, 19 March 2003
  • ...o get the actual content in the RSS out and display it in something like a text field.
    9 KB (1,366 words) - 09:13, 19 November 2007
  • ...HTTP redirect headers is RFC compliant, otherwise it will behave much like some other HTTP clients behave. This means that in case of a 301/302 it will set ...DefaultAccept : the default value for the Accept header, we only support "text/*"
    16 KB (2,320 words) - 09:15, 19 November 2007
  • ===_Level Text Info===
    5 KB (600 words) - 23:03, 9 February 2004
  • Making some progress on [http://www.planetunreal.com/apprehension Apprehension], but I' ..., I finally downloaded the firefox browser, and the whole problem with the text editing box expanding itself to the right has finally gone away now that I'
    5 KB (868 words) - 07:40, 11 December 2004
  • ...e log file from within Unrealscript, though it is easily readable with any text editor. <uscript>Log( ''Text'', ''Prefix'' );
    3 KB (500 words) - 07:33, 6 September 2004
  • ; byte LightPeriod : Used with some of the dynamic LightEffects ; byte LightPhase : Used with some of the dynamic LightEffects
    54 KB (7,693 words) - 04:06, 20 February 2007
  • Add some debugging code to the class you want to debug // Parameter 4: Underline the text if True is passed in
    11 KB (1,273 words) - 09:22, 6 November 2006
  • * I'm not talking about ''your'' mod or mod concept in particular here, and some parts of this article might not even apply to you. ...the games industry. You have to be able to implement your ideas or provide some useful skill. This also applies to mod authoring. If you become a skilled o
    25 KB (4,457 words) - 18:11, 6 December 2009
  • ...don't want to tread on. So I linger a bit longer and cudgel my brains for some ''other'' way to reach my goal than backing up. ...&ndash; being notified when the player selects one of the entries requires some more code insight. It is possible though, and I'm just about to implement
    92 KB (15,242 words) - 07:57, 3 December 2009
  • Machismo : Before I write the tutorials i thought i'd get some suggestions :p<br /> ...h built up the [[Legacy:Mouse Control|Mouse Control]] page bit by bit as a text file on my HD when I was getting to grips with UEd.
    5 KB (801 words) - 21:49, 23 December 2006
  • ''Click "Edit text of this page" below to add your question to this page. See also [[:{{SUBJE
    4 KB (709 words) - 16:41, 22 May 2015
  • ...ealTournament.ini]] to determine the directories used for texture search. Some mods (total conversions like Tactical Ops and Infiltration) keep their text Such a localization file is a plain-text file with the extension .lang and looks like this:
    8 KB (1,166 words) - 11:59, 3 October 2004
  • ...doesn't work our or if you have comments or questions, just hit the "Edit text of this page" link below and add your comments or questions at the bottom o
    3 KB (410 words) - 09:38, 21 July 2002
  • | style="text-align: center" |<code>%k</code> | style="text-align: center" |<code>%w</code>
    4 KB (536 words) - 15:02, 2 September 2016
  • ...ag]] to alert a contributor whose web browser has accidentally damaged the text of a page they have edited.
    4 KB (564 words) - 19:14, 22 January 2007
  • ...al engine supports [[Legacy:Texture|Texture]]s up to sizes beyond 256x256, some (older) video hardware can't go higher than that. In order to accommodate ...rsonally recommend people to not use MipMaps, unless you actually WANT the text to blur when you get a certain distance from it. Oh, one more thing... The
    4 KB (648 words) - 08:48, 24 October 2009
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''''Game''''' | style="text-align: center" |'''''File Extension'''''
    1 KB (151 words) - 11:34, 20 March 2008
  • ...ake sure you've exported the source classes and are editing using your own text editor like CoolEdit or MS Dev Studio.
    3 KB (517 words) - 12:08, 29 March 2003
  • ...Note that this document dates from the early days of [[Legacy:UT|UT]], so some elements of it may be dated. Especially the [[Legacy:Class Syntax|class def ...tion as well as pointers on mod development. If you work hard, you can get some fun stuff done through mod authoring.
    2 KB (316 words) - 11:44, 26 June 2010
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''actor type | style="text-align: center" |light
    6 KB (894 words) - 09:24, 6 May 2022
  • ...warning and send me such an email anyway, at least make sure it's '''plain text''', uses '''proper spelling and grammar''' and observes the minimum require ...Spectate Botmatch]] &ndash; provides botmatch spectating capabilities with some extra goodies (UT2003)
    4 KB (589 words) - 11:23, 12 December 2006
  • ...ation in a [[Legacy:Map File|Map File]], but you can open it with a normal text editor like Notepad.
    3 KB (540 words) - 22:51, 27 November 2006
  • ...Common problems experienced when using Maya to import into UnrealEd, with some solutions ...E was distributed with [[Legacy:UT2003|UT2003]] on CD#3 (see press release text below), but it's unclear whether a key will be issued for this older versio
    3 KB (513 words) - 18:36, 4 October 2007
  • *''Goal'' This text string is updated sporadically as a general indicator of what the bot is do
    3 KB (537 words) - 15:46, 16 November 2005
  • ...ag's defenders must be out of position to obtain them, placing the flag at some risk. ...that is well outside of the scope of this page I'll side step the issue. Some points worthy of consideration are listed below.
    13 KB (2,334 words) - 10:50, 28 May 2007
  • ...wrote ages ago, and then there's Yoda's text. I'd like to merge the two at some point.
    997 B (171 words) - 07:55, 6 July 2002
  • ...not intending to cause offence. As you get to know each other and develop some "trust" this will become less of an issue. ...in the knowledge that by the time they get back on-line the following day some sort of answer will be waiting for them.
    18 KB (3,181 words) - 04:41, 9 June 2007
  • ...ve checked out (or you don't own). I guarantee that you will lose code at some point during the mod development when you try and integrate your code with * Every time a member of the team releases some new code, texture, model, or other asset do your very best to grab the rele
    9 KB (1,560 words) - 02:04, 7 April 2006
  • All of these could use some variations like ">>>Nice Cap "x"<<< with the name of the player who capped ...just lots of minutes on the server could have bots say "lo 'Player X'" or some variation thereof.
    6 KB (1,228 words) - 00:04, 20 December 2008
  • The basic idea of the mod is quite simple, although some of the details about scoring and gameplay are a lot more complex. In essenc '''Mychaeel:''' What about creating some sort of plug-in architecture for scoring purposes? Like mutators, server a
    15 KB (2,651 words) - 17:02, 30 November 2004
  • ...limited ammo of course? Otherwise it's a bit limiting. Is it meant to me some sort of punishment for people who like ripper and flak cos if anything it w ...can have custom voicepacks for the Announcer. That is what I meant, not a text message spamming the chat channel. That would not be funny, no sir.
    2 KB (395 words) - 21:28, 13 January 2005
  • '''Wormbo:''' I think I'll rewrite some of the flag code, but I'll need to investigate the existing code a little m | style="text-align: center" |CTF Types
    8 KB (1,565 words) - 16:04, 25 January 2006
  • ...t the end of the session, bot reporting is saved to a date and timestamped text file. .... Perhaps a config file could come with the mutator so people could edit a text file and pick and choose which properties they want. Nice to have but certa
    4 KB (622 words) - 13:38, 23 January 2003
  • Please leave the text I've written and add your comments at the bottom. ...d make their own... But come on! Imagine watching the superbowl feed from some d00d in the nose bl33d section. No, this needs to be done with style to re
    7 KB (1,345 words) - 21:51, 28 December 2003
  • ....and maybe his health is ticking away. That keeps him on the move and adds some stress. '''And maybe the idea of a "false prophet" is completely gone and t * The bots get killed rather easily. I understand that you had some difficulties with the AI, it probrably just needs playing around with. The
    14 KB (2,561 words) - 22:32, 17 September 2003
  • Unfortunately, that function is a little buggy so some care is needed when using it. Generally you would call it from within your ...vanishes before your very eyes. Ideally your projectile should also spawn some rocks and junk to come out so it looks like the chunk you removed actually
    8 KB (1,443 words) - 10:49, 19 November 2007
  • '''Kagato:''' I won't have the skills to work on this mod myself for some time, so I'll throw this one open. '''MeanFish:''' It seems to me that by making some alterations to the collsion volume for the vehicle mesh you could indeed sh
    15 KB (2,696 words) - 18:25, 18 November 2007
  • ItemName="Killstick" //The text you see when you switch to the weapon and in various other places. Anyways, just thought I'd toss out some ideas. A good secondary fire is essential to prevent it from being just a t
    19 KB (2,241 words) - 02:50, 24 August 2005
  • The function used to obtain the "hint" text that is displayed at the bottom ...up, "nRagInvInertia", default.MutPropsDisplayText[RAG_INV_INERTIA], 0, 0, "Text", "8;0:500");
    4 KB (395 words) - 23:11, 2 March 2006
  • ...of the [[Legacy:Project FAQ|Unreal Wiki]] site. That means anyone can add text or edit the material that is here. It's a collaborative environment, and ne ...stions. As well as opening the idea up for comment you are also giving up some ownership of the mod &ndash; someone else may write it before you.
    25 KB (3,301 words) - 05:22, 26 January 2008
  • ...in each side. (see picture) (and arg, if someone wants to rewrite my lousy text, please please do) ...gh a semisolid, but not a solid, for instance if your window points out to some lovely scenery, then you might want to stop the bots having to calculate an
    6 KB (1,132 words) - 13:17, 27 September 2013
  • ...uickly lift from the air and make steering impossible, and you'll run into some rock eventually and fly miles away. Of course, the steering problem could i '''Kaoh:''' I would like to add some info to the TorqueCurve info, first time so i hope I do it correctly ;).
    23 KB (3,911 words) - 15:13, 1 May 2006
  • ...nctions in our HUD we should note what happens in each function as well as some other functions that are being used. ...ass uses two of the four passes and then uses three extra function to draw some of the HUD as well. But what is being drawn when it draws the HUD, what ar
    13 KB (2,042 words) - 09:24, 14 March 2006
  • | style="text-align: center" |'''Move''' | style="text-align: center" |'''Height'''
    9 KB (1,230 words) - 11:49, 15 May 2006
  • Some Playtesting Values ([[Legacy:UT|UT]]) | style="text-align: right" |1603 UU
    6 KB (754 words) - 11:48, 15 May 2006
  • ...shed by the attacking team, it is marked as complete. If time runs out or some critical event occurs, an objective will be marked as failed. As soon as an ; AttackerObjectives[8] (Any text):This is where you write the text that will appear whenever the objectives are visible to a player on the att
    20 KB (3,425 words) - 13:35, 28 July 2003
  • ...are many instances where you need to "tie" two or more actors together in some way. The [[Legacy:Unreal Engine|Unreal Engine]] does this by using tag prop ...ses, 'Event' or 'Tag' remember). Type in the name. You can then select the text and copy it if you like (CTRL-C).
    4 KB (634 words) - 07:37, 30 November 2003
  • ...k map is similar to a [[Legacy:CTF|CTF]] in that both teams have a base of some sort which contains a valuable target. The main difference is, of course th Weaker players may spend quite some time in jail. Some ideas to alleviate the boredom of hard time:
    16 KB (2,592 words) - 02:14, 3 November 2009
  • ...ns. While this is pretty standard for many languages, what may be weird to some is how you automatically define values (or instantiate) these variables ...the [[Legacy:Default Properties|default properties]] section. This defines some of the basic variables for the mutator. AdrenalineDecrease here is used in
    13 KB (2,054 words) - 17:39, 28 December 2004
  • ...' (NOTE: OPTIONS is represented by the shadowed square to the right of the text menu item) to open the Polygon Cylinder Options dialog. Enter the values sh
    3 KB (574 words) - 20:45, 30 November 2005
  • ...ooping=Continuous, and Playback Speed to Other, entering 1.25 in the Other text entry field on the right (this equals 24fps x 1.25 = 30fps, a de facto "sta | style="text-align: left" |FRAME NO.
    19 KB (2,723 words) - 01:31, 7 April 2006
  • ...lacement''' should be checked. Expand the '''2D Textures''' section (NOTE: Some Attribute/Node dialog sections described here may be already expanded when ...('n' is a number). Expand '''File Attributes''', find the '''Image Name''' text input field, click the folder-icon button at the right.
    2 KB (384 words) - 18:52, 18 May 2006
  • 100. A .upl file must be created for TinCanMan. This text file contains references to character specifications, and is necessary if t [[Image:Legacy_MCMT-27-TCManUPL.gif|center|FIG. 27 Example text for TinCanMan.upl]]
    8 KB (1,362 words) - 20:49, 30 November 2005
  • ...CE) opens in its own app window. On the right of the TCE, enter 2.0 in the text field next to the '''Scale''' button, then click Scale. Drag the corner of
    7 KB (1,186 words) - 06:16, 23 October 2003
  • ...n1 map has lousy flow&ndash;it's hard to climb that ramp, you get stuck on some trivial decoration&ndash;then it's not just a "lame bit" on your map, it's ...des are typically multi-level rooms with more than two entrances and maybe some goodie in the middle to tempt people.
    5 KB (896 words) - 16:11, 18 December 2005
  • ...e people that ask "How can I find a mesh or texture quickly?" or "Is there some kind of list of static meshes/textures I can look through?" ...worded, and all the thumbnails are done. The database will certainly need some refinement as people use it and make corrections/additions, but it's comple
    7 KB (1,173 words) - 19:11, 7 July 2007
  • The following is some example code of GUI support for a mutator that counts the hits taken and re // The function used to obtain the text that will be displayed within the
    16 KB (2,495 words) - 20:29, 30 March 2009
  • // Set the EditBoxes' text to our mutator's config variables' values Begin Object class=GUILabel Name=DialogText // A text label
    18 KB (2,774 words) - 10:40, 20 June 2004
  • ...lt.RulesGroup, "MultiJumpCount", default.MultiJumpCountDisplayText, 0, 1, "Text"); ...lt.RulesGroup, "MultiJumpBoost", default.MultiJumpBoostDisplayText, 0, 1, "Text");
    4 KB (443 words) - 15:30, 9 January 2005
  • | style="text-align: right" |54 UU | style="text-align: right" |315 UU
    6 KB (807 words) - 23:38, 21 June 2014
  • ...uld thunder and shortly after produce lightning. The lightning would cause some fires where it struck. Wether or not it rains would be up to chance, and if ...renaming it to Mapper's Tools or something and putting them all in there. Some of these include an enhanced assault roundend trigger that fires off an eve
    3 KB (602 words) - 03:05, 11 September 2004
  • *Some kind of a cannon would be a good idea to protect spawning players too. ...o use an [[Legacy:AssaultRandomizer|AssaultRandomizer]]. This will require some playtesting because the level should be fully pathed and all objectives/ite
    9 KB (1,482 words) - 21:36, 4 January 2006
  • //DebugInfo = FString::Printf(TEXT("OutputBrake: %f EngineRPM: %f EngineTorque: %f"), OutputBrake, EngineRP //debugf( TEXT("DR:%f DP:%f"), DeltaRoll, DeltaPitch );
    64 KB (5,517 words) - 17:18, 19 May 2006
  • DebugInfo = FString::Printf(TEXT("OutputBrake: %f EngineRPM: %f EngineTorque: %f"), OutputBrake, EngineRP
    12 KB (1,646 words) - 16:10, 1 October 2004
  • # Rename to some better name, ie "UTXMP Editor" ==Some notes==
    8 KB (1,267 words) - 15:16, 12 June 2006
  • ; string ScrollingMessage : The scrolling text of the message. You can use any of the following [[Legacy:Message Placehold ; Timer( ) : Updates the message text and checks whether the message texture needs to be updated as well.
    3 KB (400 words) - 16:07, 14 March 2006
  • * Wookee (plus some extensions) ...ok at WookeeTree please? I never worked out how to get Wookee to parse the text in the tree items for link for example. Feel free to use WookeeTree in your
    4 KB (606 words) - 11:29, 6 July 2007
  • * Some duplication of classes would occur: we'd basically have two RecentChangesPa * RssPage and other output methods will need some way of knowing that it can't do a Diff page, for example. This will need to
    8 KB (1,270 words) - 07:19, 6 July 2005
  • and with some other modules use an SQL or XML database with # Subclasses must implement these in some appropriate manner.
    65 KB (7,455 words) - 00:12, 1 June 2007
  • ...es you have [[Legacy:UMake|UMake]] along with a basic [[Legacy:Text Editor|text editor]]. ...t to extend the original vehicle (ONSHoverBike) but if you are going to do some serious modification you are best subclassing the [[Legacy:Vehicle Class|ve
    7 KB (1,181 words) - 12:44, 22 January 2007
  • ...quin:''' Hey Mych. There's a few things to do with JB that we'd appreciate some pointers on. :) ...teresting and satisfying with a seasoning of occasional exasperation about some of the third-party software the resident Powers That Be force us to work wi
    6 KB (972 words) - 15:22, 14 December 2006
  • Note that the error messages listed below consist of the text that appears on the right-hand column of the Rebuild Error Dialogue, or in ...adjust the location of the nodes. If the problem is the second, just add some pathnodes in between.
    7 KB (1,257 words) - 00:47, 3 August 2007
  • ...'' link at the bottom of the page. This will load up a form containing the text of the page. Make additions or corrections and press '''Save'''. ...king the link will take you to the edit form for this new page. Write some text, press save, and the new page is created.<br />Please don't start new pages
    14 KB (2,469 words) - 14:24, 2 August 2007
  • | style="text-align: center" |[[Niaht/Developer Journal | style="text-align: center" |[[/Projects
    4 KB (742 words) - 09:47, 4 August 2003
  • | style="text-align: center" |[[Legacy:Niaht|Niaht]] | style="text-align: center" |[[Niaht/Developer Journal
    9 KB (1,471 words) - 22:48, 22 June 2002
  • | style="text-align: center" |[[Legacy:Niaht|Niaht]] | style="text-align: center" |[[Niaht/Developer Journal
    702 B (94 words) - 19:25, 2 June 2002
  • "Do you use abbreviations like "ne1", "nme", "u", "4" in written text outside IRC?" ...hy I should completely stop working on it just because I have UT 2003 now. Some people still play UT and search for new mods. It would be stupid to trash a
    5 KB (887 words) - 13:21, 16 December 2005
  • ...t if you can, you can try wine, Plex86 or (last resort) dual-boot. In this text I'll assume you have two machines, if you don't, make the necessary mental ...bly segfault if your UT binary is not built from [[Legacy:OpenUT|OpenUT]] (some variables are double in one version and float in the other, for example).
    2 KB (401 words) - 09:24, 11 January 2005
  • ...em as a batch in the error/warnings window or as individual by reading the Text property. ; string Text : This property holds the text of the note from the Level Designer.
    551 B (79 words) - 12:41, 2 September 2006
  • ...ded by subclasses, such as Texture (a texture map), TextBuffer (a chunk of text), and Class (which describes the class of other objects). There are some other important function declarations in the Object class:
    9 KB (1,105 words) - 06:29, 12 February 2008
  • ...de the Mesh (box for example), then it is anyway behind some planes and on some planes. (but it may not work on more complex Meshes) ...vex parts, just like a BSP tree does for a Map. This can even save the CPU some calculus, as an Object's part cannot collide with another Object's part if
    9 KB (1,510 words) - 09:04, 22 May 2006
  • ...ribes FVectors. It appears in the original Tim Sweeney code; an uncompiled text file. <br>
    14 KB (2,022 words) - 16:44, 14 February 2004

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