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  • ...ared in [[Legacy:Object|Object]] and can be used everywhere in [[Legacy:UT|UT]]'s UnrealScript. Many of these have [[Legacy:Operators|operators]] define See [[Legacy:Built-In Struct|Built-In Struct]] for the UT2003 built-in structs.
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  • These structs are declared in [[Legacy:Object|Object]] and can be used everywhere in [[Le ...[[Legacy:Built-In Structs (UT)|Built-in Structs (UT)]] for the UT built-in structs.
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  • {{classbox| [[Legacy:UT|UT]] :: Object (Package: Core)}} ...Legacy:Actor (UT)|Actor (UT)]] (basically everything you can see in Unreal/UT levels).
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  • See [[Legacy:Object (UT)|Object (UT)]]. See [[Legacy:Object (UT)|Object (UT)]].
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