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  • ...Unreal engine (see [[Legacy:Running A Dedicated Server With UCC|Running A Dedicated Server With UCC]]) you'll find a couple of differences that may throw you s * The ''ucc server'' notation is not the preferred way to start the dedicated server although it still works fine. Instead ''devastation.exe -server'' i
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  • ...structure it around a hub page of some sort, eg [[Legacy:Dedicated Server|Dedicated Server]]? ...ow how. So that's two areas on my work stack - this one (Web admin) and a dedicated server page. How nice.
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  • * [[Legacy:Devastation Dedicated Server|Devastation Dedicated Server]] – Running and configuring a Devastation server.
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  • ...dicated server. See the [[Legacy:Devastation Dedicated Server|Devastation Dedicated Server]] paeg for more information.
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