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UE1:DevilfishCarcass (RTNP)

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RTNP Object >> Actor >> Decoration >> Carcass >> CreatureCarcass >> DevilfishCarcass
This class in other games:
U1, UT


Default values[edit]

Property Value
bodyparts[0] LodMesh'UnrealShare.FishHead'
bodyparts[1] LodMesh'UnrealShare.FishPart'
bodyparts[2] LodMesh'UnrealShare.FishPart'
bodyparts[3] LodMesh'UnrealShare.FishTail'
bodyparts[4] None
Buoyancy 0.0
CollisionHeight 10.0
CollisionRadius 22.0
Mesh LodMesh'UnrealShare.fish'

Instance functions[edit]


function ForceMeshToExist ()