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UE2:DamTypeRocket (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> DamageType >> WeaponDamageType >> DamTypeRocket
Direct subclasses:
DamTypeBruteRocket, DamTypeRocketHoming, DamTypeWarlordRocket
This class in other games:


Default values[edit]

Property Value
bDelayedDamage True
bDetonatesGoop True
bFlaming True
bThrowRagdoll True
DeathString "%o rode %k's rocket into oblivion."
FemaleSuicide "%o fired her rocket prematurely."
GibPerterbation 0.15
KDamageImpulse 20000.0
MaleSuicide "%o fired his rocket prematurely."
VehicleMomentumScaling 1.3
WeaponClass Class'XWeapons.RocketLauncher'

Static functions[edit]


static function GetHitEffects (out class<xEmitterHitEffects[4], int VictimHealth)

Overrides: DamageType.GetHitEffects