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UE2:U2SpriteSmokePuff (U2XMP)

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U2XMP Object >> Actor >> Effects >> U2AnimSpriteEffect >> U2SpriteSmokePuff




Default values[edit]

Property Value
bCorona False
bNetOptional True
DrawScale 2.0
DrawType DT_SpriteAnimOnce
LifeSpan 1.5
LightBrightness 10
LightHue 0
LightRadius 7
LightSaturation 255
LightType LT_None
NumFrames 8
Pause 0.05
Physics PHYS_Projectile
RemoteRole ROLE_SimulatedProxy
RisingRate 50.0
SpriteAnim[0] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp_A00'
SpriteAnim[1] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp1_A00'
SpriteAnim[2] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp2_A00'
SpriteAnim[3] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp3_A00'
SpriteAnim[4] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp4_A00'
SpriteAnim[5] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp5_A00'
SpriteAnim[6] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp6_A00'
SpriteAnim[7] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp7_A00'
SpriteAnim[8] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp8_A00'
SpriteAnim[9] Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp9_A00'
Style STY_Translucent
Texture Texture'U2.U2Smoke.sp1_A00'