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UE3:StaticLightCollectionActor (UDK)

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UDK Object >> Actor >> Light >> StaticLightCollectionActor
This class in other games:

This is a special type of actor used as the container for a large number of LightComponents on the console. This actor is created only during the console cooking process so cannot be placed by designers in the editor. It replaces multiple normal static Light actors in content which has been cooked for the a console platform, becoming the owner for those Light's LightComponent.



Type: array<LightComponent>

Modifiers: const

Since the components array is only serialized during make, we need to store the components we contain in a separate array.


Type: int

Modifiers: config

The maximum number of LightComponents that can be attached to this actor. Once this number has been reached, a new StaticLightCollectionActor will be created.

Default value: 100