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UE3:UTUIList (UT3)

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Implemented interfaces
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Extended version of UIList for UT3.


Property group 'Presentation'[edit]


Type: UIComp_DrawImage

Modifiers: editinline, const

Optional component for rendering a background image for this list. No value given by default.

Internal variables[edit]


Type: bool

Modifiers: transient

Whether or not this list should be able to save out to its dataprovider.



Class: Engine.UIComp_ListPresenter

Inherits from: UIList.ListPresentationComponent

Property Value
ListItemOverlay[0] UITexture'UTGame.Default__UTUIList:ListPresentationComponent.NormalOverlayTemplate'
ListItemOverlay[1] UITexture'UTGame.Default__UTUIList:ListPresentationComponent.ActiveOverlayTemplate'
ListItemOverlay[2] UITexture'UTGame.Default__UTUIList:ListPresentationComponent.SelectionOverlayTemplate'
ListItemOverlay[3] UITexture'UTGame.Default__UTUIList:ListPresentationComponent.HoverOverlayTemplate'


Class: Engine.UIComp_Event

Inherits from: UIList.WidgetEventComponent

Property Value
DisabledEventAliases[0] 'NavFocusUp'
DisabledEventAliases[1] 'NavFocusDown'

Native functions[edit]


native virtual function bool SaveSubscriberValue (out array<UIDataStoreout_BoundDataStores, optional int BindingIndex)

Overrides: UIList.SaveSubscriberValue

Specified by: UIDataStorePublisher.SaveSubscriberValue

Resolves this subscriber's data store binding and publishes this subscriber's value to the appropriate data store.


  • out_BoundDataStores - contains the array of data stores that widgets have saved values to. Each widget that implements this method should add its resolved data store to this array after data values have been published. Once SaveSubscriberValue has been called on all widgets in a scene, OnCommit will be called on all data stores in this array.
  • BindingIndex - optional parameter for indicating which data store binding is being requested for those objects which have multiple data store bindings. How this parameter is used is up to the class which implements this interface, but typically the "primary" data store will be index 0.


TRUE if the value was successfully published to the data store.