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UnrealScript source code

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The UnrealScript source code is available for several games.


Unreal Tournament[edit]

The UnrealScript sources must be extracted through UnrealEd. (see Exporting source code)

Unreal Tournament 2003[edit]

Unreal Tournament 2004[edit]

Unreal Tournament 3[edit]

Unreal Development Kit[edit]

The source code is included in the UDK download.

Exporting source code[edit]

The source code can be exported in many Unreal Engine games with the UnrealEd Actor Classes Browser by clicking the Export All Scripts in the File context menu.

Note: Exporting scripts is not recommend if original scripts are available because they are not 100% identical as those you can download above. The compiler removes defaultproperties and cpptext sections from source files during import. Cpptext lines will be replaced by the comment // (cpptext) to prevent line number changes, the defaultproperties block is removed without replacement, which is why it should always be placed at the end of the file after all other code. This does not apply to C++ and defaults blocks for structs.

When exporting sources, the exporter generates a new defaultproperties block from the class properties at export time. Only properties that differ from the parent class are exported, localized and configurable properties are read from the corresponding localization or configuration files. Subobjects are only exported if they are assigned to a variable declared with the modifier export (UE2) or if they are a subclass of the Component class (UE3). Note that defaultproperties and subobjects exported from UE3 include the Name and ObjectArchetype properties (which you should never specify in your own code - Name must be specified on the Begin Object line and ObjectArchetype is implied through the class or inherited subobject definition) and various invalid parameters in the Begin Object line.

Browsing source code[edit]

You can view the .uc files with any text editor. To browse the source code, a special tool like UnCodeX is recommended.