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UE Explorer is not publicly available yet!

UE Explorer is a UnrealScript decompiler written in C# with a straight forward user-friendly UI(User Interface), letting you easily decompile each object separately, using a TreeView where object are organized by kind.

If you want to follow this project for future updates/release, visit: Eliot - UE Explorer, or if you want to discus, visit: Eliot - Forum


Demo: Eliot - UE Explorer: Demo


UE Explorer uses the UELib(made by Eliot) which is a library made in C#. The library is used to analyze UnrealPackages such as .u and .utx files and collect any important information to be used for whatever reason the developer want. It provides functionality to deserialize almost any Object, decompile and minor modifications. It also can be extended by registering your own classes e.g. Textures.

Supported games(tested) table

Game Engine Version Package Version Summary Code Completion
Unreal 100-226 61 Yes Yes 95%
Unreal Tournament 338-436 69 Yes Yes 95%
Thief - Deadly Shadows 777 95 Yes No  ???
Unreal Tournament 2003 1077-2225 121 Yes Yes 100%
Unreal II 829-2001 126 Yes Yes 90%
Unreal Tournament 2004 3120-3369 128 Yes Yes 100%
Red Orchestra 3323-3369 128 Yes Yes 100%
Killing Floor 3369 128 Yes Yes 100%
Swat 4  ???? 129 Yes No  ???
Unreal Tournament 3 3809 512 Yes Yes 95%
Mirrors Edge 3716 536 Yes Yes  ???
CrimeCraft 4701 576 Yes Yes  ???
Borderlands 4871 584 Yes No  ???
Monday Night Combat 5697 638 Yes No  ???
Unreal Development Kit 6094-9029 664-849 Yes Yes 95%
Dungeon Defenders 6262 678 Yes Yes 95%
Alice Madness Returns 6760 690 Yes Yes 95%
The Ball 6699 706 Yes Yes 95%
Sanctum 7876 810 Yes Yes 95%
Super Monday Night Combat 8364 820 Yes Yes 95%
InMomentum 8980 848 Yes Yes 95%


Antonio Cordero Balcázar: Because I have had a big development boost thanks to UTPT and his documentation, without him I would probably still be reverse-engineering the simple stuff :P

intelliyole: For the OpenSource code of Unhood an unfinished basic Unreal Engine 3 UnrealScript decompiler. I read his source code for some minor UE3 changes I didn't have yet.