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  • ...[[Legacy:Toolbar|toolbar]] at the top of the Editor window. It looks like an arch, to the left of the "A". * Copy and paste an existing instance of the mesh in your map, or from another map
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  • A nice skybox adds greatly to the realism of an outdoor map or an indoor map with windows. It also adds to the realistic effect of moving fr ...top for the actual sky texture. I would suggest the CTF-EpicBoy skybox as an optimal design. They can be quite complex, however, with multiple movers an
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  • # An Emitter (Actor -> Emitter) for the Jump-Pad glowy effect. * Add the Emitter object (see [[Legacy:Add An Actor|Add an Actor]]) between the jump-pad's static mesh and the UTJumppad object. Befo
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  • [[Legacy:Add An Actor|Add an Actor]] >> [[Legacy:Light (UT)|Light (UT)]] >> [[Legacy:TorchFlame|TorchFla
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  • # [[Legacy:Add An Actor|Add an Actor]] >> Info >> [[Legacy:ZoneInfo|ZoneInfo]] If no part of the zone portal(s) sealing an area of the map are visible then the entire area cannot be seen. This mean
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