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  • variable is true. It draws through the PostRender function and is given a [[Legacy:Canvas|Canvas]] parameter. Look at [[Legacy:TournamentScoreBoard|T Prev Page: [[:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Adding A HUD]] – '''Section 12 of 12''' – End of Document
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  • ...|ChallengeHUD]] class is the primary HUD for Unreal Tournament. Let's take a look at adding custom HUD elements. First, create a subclass of ChallengeHUD. Lets call it MyHUD:
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  • ''This page and its subpages make up a document by Brandon Reinhart. The Unreal Wiki has been granted permission t ...intended to give interested mod authors the information they need to write a successful mod for the Unreal engine. I will include technical information
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  • ...x|For information on adding a DM-Morpheus-type scrolling scoreboard within a map, see [[Legacy:ScrollingMessageTexture|ScrollingMessageTexture]], and [[ ...od Authoring/Adding A Scoreboard|Mod Authoring/Adding A Scoreboard]] (it's a circle reference, I know).
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