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  • The parameters are the owner object, the new object's name and the object's flags. Being one of the [[Legacy:UnrealScript Keywords|UnrealS ...the <tt>RF_anything</tt> constants from the [[Legacy:Object|Object]] class and combinations of them are valid values, but you shouldn't use them unless yo
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  • ; Error (coerce string S) : Handle an error and kill this one actor. ...or the actor list is full). Defaults to spawning at the spawner's location and with the spawner's rotation.
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  • ...ntly called by those events and gives a short description how these events and functions could be used. ...lso won't be spawned when its <tt>bHighDetail</tt> property is set to True and the [[Legacy:LevelInfo|LevelInfo]]'s <tt>DetailMode</tt> is set to <tt>DM_L
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  • ==Destroying Actors== ...event is executed immediately. The actor is moved to the list of destroyed actors then. Note that calling Destroy() will not halt the execution of a function
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  • ...classes, default inventory assignment, and if appropriate, team assignment and general bot behavior. ...or overtime, players leaving and joining the game, players changing names, and players switching teams.
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