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  • ...also specify a group name in the parentheses to make the variable show up in that property group. If you don't specify a group name, the class name is u This declaration in the [[Legacy:Material|Material]] class adds the FallbackMaterial property t
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  • This is a floating window in the [[Legacy:UnrealEd Interface|UnrealEd Interface]] that lists all the pro ...of the headings are common to all actors; this is because they are defined in the script for the [[Legacy:Actor|Actor]] class and inherited by all subcla
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  • ...hough <tt>expands</tt> was considered deprecated for a while already), but in newer engine generations <tt>expands</tt> won't work. So, always use extend ...d, it's a base class only. Usually the useful functionality is implemented in subclasses. Examples: [[Legacy:Keypoint|Keypoint]], [[Legacy:Triggers|Trigg
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  • ...' without the '''new''' will allow you to edit the class that the variable in question refers to, but will not allow you to create an instance of that cl ==Variables==
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  • * In particular a passing familiarity with functions, variables and flow control statements and a basic knowledge of the Unreal class struc Bear in mind that streamlined code isn't necessary here. The user won't mind a few
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  • ===Class variables === ...group. See [[Legacy:Displaying Variables In UnrealEd|Displaying variables in UnrealEd]].
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