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  • ...d 2002. It was written by Paul Tozour, and entitled, "First-Person Shooter AI Archtecture". The author prefaces the article with this statement: This article describes a generic AI architecture for the typical first-person shooter ("FPS") game such as any of the titles associated with the ''Quake'', ''Unr
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  • ...ning the behavior of stock AI agents, like bots, or it can refer to custom AI agents such as NPCs. ==AI Basics==
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  • # Am I going to be adding a lot of new features with AI? The pattern can be used on anything, not just AI, just with a little change insystem. Weapons, items, etc. all have behavio
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  • ...d from, [[Legacy:First Person Shooter AI Architecture|First Person Shooter AI Architecture]])'' ==The Simulation of Realistic AI Spatial Comprehension:==
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  • ...l factors determining a game's success. Programmers dedicated to just game AI are now an integral part of the core design group. ...e impressively demonstrated the potential of academic AI research and game AI technologies.
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