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  • ==What is a Hall of Mirrors (HOM)?== ...y accurate, but this is how the HOM got its name), or create visual copies of them.
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  • ...ortals''' are a new concept in [[Legacy:Unreal Engine Versions|version 2]] of the [[Legacy:Unreal Engine|Unreal Engine]], [[Legacy:UT2003|UT2003]] and on ...ortal" at all. They are '''occluding planes''': they prevent the rendering of things behind them.
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  • * a spot of the map where the player dies for no reason * leaking zones: level full of water for example. These tend to happen when zone sheets touch complex brus
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  • ...mmunity with hard data on BSP Holes, I have conducted an exhaustive search of past Editing Forum threads on the subject and assembled the most practical ...of the local geometry can slow down this process as well as the complexity of the tree at the local geometry. (Vica versa) If your BSP tree is deep then
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  • ==What is a Hall of Mirrors (HOM)?== ...y accurate, but this is how the HOM got its name), or create visual copies of them.
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  • #REDIRECT [[Legacy:Hall Of Mirrors|Hall of Mirrors]]
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  • This is a list of things to check before releasing a map. ...k around your level checking for the dreaded [[Legacy:Hall Of Mirrors|Hall of Mirrors]] effect (HOM), or any [[Legacy:Invisible Collision Hull|invisible
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  • The correct way of making glass is one of the big debates of the Unreal Editing community. Briefly, techniques include: ** size of the semisolid: snug fit / shrunken
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  • ...Occlusion is the reduction of what actually gets drawn on screen. A number of different techniques allow mappers to control occlusion and keep levels pla ...e kept to a minimum. For more on changes from the Unreal and UT generation of the engine, see [[Legacy:Occlusion Changes For UnrealEngine2|Occlusion Chan
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  • ...the order and kind of arithmetic operations that are used on specified set of data, though technically, a cooking recipe is an example ...contained within an image file that can be used to determine the intensity of different material properties such as opacity and specularity intensity amo
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  • [ FIXME: should some of this content be on some centralized page and just linked from here, since i It was designed for making certain poly's of models unlit or modulated, on a per-face-basis (yes, you can do that!). <br
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  • can see through a warp zone to the other side. This enables sections of a level to be seamlessly joined together even though they are separated in ...Warp Zone will have their <tt>OtherSideURL</tt> property set to the value of this property.
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  • #REDIRECT [[Legacy:Hall Of Mirrors]]
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