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  • ...tionPoint (UT)]] used in a small number of [[Legacy:Assault|Assault]] maps for UT. It contains only one new property called '''ToggledCost''', a float va For an example of how to place AssaultRandomizers, open AS-OceanFloor in Unreal
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  • ...bjectives in an Assault type map. See [[Legacy:Mapping For AS (UT)|Mapping For AS (UT)]]. If game type is not Assault, this actor destroys itself before g ...es and select defense time and put what ever you want the time limit to be for your level.
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  • ...ill pause the camera or actor at the interpolation point or actor you set, for the time you set. ...: Delete the select scene from the level. (Note: There is no confirmation for this action, so be carefull not to press this button by accident ;))
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  • ...This section includes various links and ideas that help find inspiration for map designs, themes or styles. ...television or films; the sets, the buildings, the lighting, the sounds (''for example, the dark gothic tower in Batman or those seen in the Lord of The R
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  • ...to the network, bots will use the vehicles to travel on the special paths for road and sky navigation. Proper connection to the botpath network includes ...s on this page began with Vehicle CTF, but these concepts apply to pathing for all vehicle gametypes.
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  • These vehicles were introduced in UT2004 for the Assault gametype. These vehicles were introduced in UT2004 for the Onslaught gametype.
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