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  • ...eally is and how to use them. For this, we're going to rip open the Cooler mutator from the original XPak. This little mute cools off [[Legacy:Adrenaline|adre ...line about every second. That sounded like our old friend the Regeneration mutator, which raises the player's health about every second. So I hunted around th
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  • A mutator called "Bonus Combos" was included in the Epic Bonus pack for UT2004. ...bbedcolumn01HA</tt>. This combo is also called the Crate Combo, after the mutator name <tt>MutCrateCombo</tt>.
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  • * You've made a simple text mutator: [[Legacy:UnrealScript Hello World|UnrealScript Hello World]] Now we're going to make a [[Legacy:Mutator|mutator]] that actually ''does something''.
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  • # [[Legacy:UT3 Hello World|UT3 Hello World]] &ndash; First Mutator in UT3 # [[Legacy:MutTutorial|MutTutorial]] &ndash; A simple player jump boost mutator.
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