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  • ...is no one tutorial out there that tells you how to get an Animated Static Mesh into the Unreal game. All of the information was scattered in bits and piec ...atic. They don't change. Once you start animating things your changing the mesh as such...
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  • ## Something so it displays (light, texture, static mesh) ...t dealing with the second part of Playing Mesh Animations using the simple mesh cube that comes with the editor. Most likely far too wordy for your tastes,
    6 KB (915 words) - 11:40, 29 December 2010
  • ...currently working on my update to [[Legacy:Playing Mesh Animations|Playing Mesh Animations]]. ...s and manipulating them with unreal script, using the rotation of a simple mesh cube. I would like to extend that into Scripting for Beginners so you can t
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