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Engine Directory Structure

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The Unreal Base Directory[edit]

This directory is where the game itself is installed. By default, it's called {drive}:\{game name}, eg C:\UnrealTournament, C:\WheelOfTime etc. Throughout the Unreal Wiki, you'll see it referred to as {Base Directory}. Within this directory there are several sub directories which varies depending on the engine version.

Unreal Engine 3[edit]

+- Binaries\
+- Engine\
|  +- Config\
|  +- Localization\
|  +- Shaders\
|  \- Stats\
\- {prefix}Game\
   +- Config\
   +- CookedPC\
   +- Localization\
   +- Logs\
   +- Movies\
   +- Published\
   +- Splash\
   +- Src\
   \- Unpublished\

Unreal Engine 2[edit]

+- Animations\
+- Benchmark\
+- Cache\
+- Demos\
+- ForceFeedback\
+- Help\
+- KarmaData\
+- Maps\
+- Music\
+- Prefabs\
+- Save\
+- Saves\
+- ScreenShots\
+- Sounds\
+- Speech\
+- StaticMeshes\
+- System\
|     \- editorres\
+- Textures\
+- UserLogs\
\- Web\

Script Directories[edit]

Precompiled Script[edit]

Unreal Engine 3[edit]

Precompiled scripts for this engine version will go in one of two directories:
{User Documents Directory}\My Games\{game name}\UTGame\Src
{Base Directory}\Development\Src

Unreal Engine 2[edit]

Same as for exported scripts, precompiled scripts go in package directories in the games {Base Directory}.

Exported Script[edit]

Unreal Engine 3[edit]

Exported scripts for this engine version will go in:
{User Documents Directory}\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\ExportedScript

Unreal Engine 2[edit]

Exported scripts for this engine version will go in the games {Base Directory}.

The User Directory[edit]

In unreal engine 3 things were changed some and it now uses the user documents directory for storing some things. As an example UT3 will use the directory:
{User Documents Directory}\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3