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Hey, I'm very very new here. I've got a favorite mod from Quake that I'm (hopefully) going to rewrite for UT2003/2004.

I'm a complete beginner with UnrealScript but I'm running through the tutorials, and I've got the Wiki. heh

Wish me luck!  :)

I'm also the co-leader of a UT2003/2004 Bombing Run/ONS/AS Clan. Feel free to visit us at http://www.deadlybreed.com.

Guest Book[edit]

abednego: Wow, you guys are fast. Wait, should I have put this comment at the bottom? Also, is there any way to get my name to have the first letter as lowercase?

EntropicLqd: Good luck :) - Welcome to the Wiki

Dr.AwkwArD: Welcome, sir, welcome. :D