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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor (Property Group: Object)

(also see Actor (UT)/Object)

Inherited From Parent Class[edit]

name Name (native, const, editconst) 
This native property is declared in the Object class and is available in all classes. (It might be hidden in the editor for some classes, but it's always accessable from UnrealScript.) It can't be changed in the editor or from UnrealScript in the game. It contains the actor's name.

Declared In This Class[edit]

name Group 
Specifies the group this actor belongs to. This is only used by the Groups Browser and doesn't affect anything in the game.
name InitialState 
Specified the startup state of this actor. This property doesn't have the same effect on every actor. In fact, for most actors this property doesn't change anything. (see also InitialState, State and the SetInitialState function in Legacy:Actor/Methods)