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(pasted from skinning, which has been refactored)

now, you only need to do this if you want to make custom information for your new character(age, race, data) if you do, follow along. see where it says (Text=xplayers. )and after the xplayers it has a race of somekind and two letters/numbers. change these numbers/letters to two different ones. open your system folder, and find the two files that are xplayers. NOT xplayersL1 or L2, XPLAYERS. there should be two. one of them is in spanish, so open the english one with notepad or something. set it for wordwrap, if not already, and find the race type that was in your new characters upl. make sure the two letters that you added are NOT the same as two already in the race type. now, anywhere on this page, add that word that came after text=xplayers.------ it should be similar to the ones on the page already. now, using the ones already there, set up that line to be like them i.e copy the line or something, just putting in your own info. your character should now be able to work. try it out by opening up the game, and setting your character to the one you made. make sure your skin is right, and your info looks correct. Congratulations, you just made a skin!!!