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Rocket Jump for UT2003

Version 1.4 of 07 JAN 04

Coded by AlphaOne

Promo Map + initial idea by Travis


Just something I finally finished.

Its pretty basic, but I'm still putting it out to the public to see the reaction, and to possibly get some more ideas/comments on what to do with it next.

This first version of rocket jump for ut2003 comes with two maps, promo and king of the hill.

The first one is just to play around and do some cool jumps and tricks.

The second one allows you to play a king of the hill type of game mixed with rocket jump. You earn points by being on top of a hill.




-unzip into your UT2003/ directory-

-read the README-


-unzip in any folder-

-read the README-

-Simple point + click install-


Select Rocket Jump as the gametype.

Click on gameRules tab to change the game settings and the client settings.

Do NOT play with bots - they don't know what to do so they'll just push you around.

Select one of two maps

When in the game, press ESC to access the spectate/play button, as well as the client settings button.


The player first to reach the goal score wins. You score by being on top of a hill. Watch that circle thingy, it tells you where the current hill is. Depending on the game settings you might have to be alone on the hill to score, so shoot those guys off. If you want to stop someone from scoring shoot him off too. Oh, and watch out, the hills might 'move' to different locations. :D

Other maps[edit]

No point other than doing jumps and tricks. Maybe showing your friends how 1337 you are. (Use the spectate option for that :))



  • KOTH (King Of the Hill)
    • game type allowed for maps using special KOTHVolume's
    • mappers can add as many hills as they want
    • you can play with either one hill being active all the time (first hill in the map), or by letting the hills switch based on time alloted to each hill by the mapper
  • Custom game rules tab
  • Client settings
    • Trains on/off
    • Realistic smoke physics on/off
  • Custom ECS menu
    • added a spectate/play button
    • better layout :)
  • proper rocket jump world rules (at least I think so)
    • Only one gun - rocket launcher
    • All types of damages are turned off
    • Rockets spash damage impulse is increased to allow for cool jumps + tricks
  • Custom HUD
    • removed useless stuff
    • show where the current hill in KOTH is
  • Network Compatible
  • No bot support :(





Wormbo: You should zip UT2MOD files as well and include instructions how to install them. That's better for people who don't know what UMOD means.

AlphaOne: Done and done!