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UT2003 :: Actor >> Inventory >> Ammunition (Package: Engine)


int MaxAmmo (travel) 
The maximum ammount of ammo.
int AmmoAmount (travel) 
The amount of ammo contained in the Ammunition. This is used when the Pawn's inventory.
int InitialAmount 
The amount of ammo currently available.
int PickupAmmo (travel) 
Amount of Ammo to give when this is picked up for the first time
bool bRecommendSplashDamage 
Used by bots.
bool bTossed 
Used by bots.
bool bTrySplash 
Used by bots.
bool bLeadTarget 
Used by bots.
bool bInstantHit 
Used by bots.
bool bSplashDamage 
Used by bots.
class<Projectile> ProjectileClass 
The projectile type for the ammunition.
class<DamageType> MyDamageType 
The Damage type for this ammunition.
float WarnTargetPct 
The percentage value that is used to WarnTarget.
float RefireRate 
The refire rate of the ammunition.
Sound FireSound 
The Sound attached to the ammunitions firing.
float MaxRange 
For autoaim.
bool bTryHeadShot 
Whether the bot using this ammunition should attempt for a headshot.


Inherited From Actor[edit]

DisplayDebug( Canvas Canvas, out float YL, out float YPos ) (simulated) 
Displays Ammunition information on on the screen.
PostNetReceive() (simulated) 
Calls CheckOutOfAmmo.

Inherited From Inventory[edit]

bool HandlePickupQuery(Pickup Item ) 
If the Pickup is an InventoryType and then the PickupQuery is handled. If the PickupQuery is handled then the ammunition is added through AddAmmo if the AmmoAmount is not at MaxAmmo.


CheckOutOfAmmo() (simulated) 
If their is no more ammunition then call the Weapon OutOfAmmo.
bool UseAmmo( int AmountNeeded, optional bool bAmountNeededIsMax ) [simulated] 
Determines whether the ammount of ammunition contained in the ammunition is there. If the flag bAmountNeededIsMax is set to True then it uses all of the ammunition. It subtracts the ammo used, then calls CheckOutOfAmmo if the Level's NetMode is NM_StandAlone or NM-ListenServer.
bool HasAmmo() (simulated) 
Returns True if the weapon has ammunition, else returns False if the weapon does not contain any ammunition.
float RateSelf( Pawn Shooter, out name RecommendedFiringMode ) 
Returns 0.5
WarnTarget( Actor Target, Pawn P, vector FireDir ) 
If the ammunition was not an bInstantHit, then give warning if a random value is below the WarnTargetPct. Calls the Controller's ReceiveWarning method.
SpawnProjectile( vector Start, rotator Dir ) 
Sutracts one ammunition and then spawns the Projectile for the weapon at the vector and rotator specifed.
ProcessTraceHit( Weapon W, Actor Other, vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal, vector X, vector Y, vector Z ) 
Subtracts one ammunition.
bool AddAmmo( int AmmoToAdd ) 
Adds whichever is smaller, the MaxAmmo or the AmmoAmount plus the Amount of ammunition being added.
float GetDamageRadius() 
Queries the Projectile for it's DamageRadius.

Known Subclasses[edit]

+- BallAmmo
+- BioAmmo
+- FlakAmmo
+- GrenadeAmmo
+- LinkAmmo
+- MinigunAmmo
+- RedeemerAmmo
+- RocketAmmo
+- ShieldAmmo
+- ShockAmmo
|   +- SuperShockAmmo
+ SniperAmmo
+ TransAmmo

Epic Bonuspack & UT2004[edit]