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A little about me[edit]

Real name: Tom Nicholson

Age: 21

Hometown: Seattle, WA

E-Mail: anozireth at

Website: (coming soon hopefully)

Hey all, I'm new around here, but have been into modding since Quake 1. My main talent is programming, although I do dabble in mapping from time to time. I'm still learning UnrealScript, but getting the hang of it pretty quick. I've found a lot of great help on this site so I thought I'd register a profile.

Right now I'm deployed in Iraq with the US Army, writing this to you from my tent via satellite internet. I should be home in May, and I plan to take most of the summer off and go back to school in the fall. My job in the Army Reserve is a Chinook helicopter mechanic, and in the civilian world (aka the 'real world' around here), I am a student and I work part time for my dad's small business developing accounting and inventory software on the AS/400.


Right now I'm working on a mutator I've tentativly titled "Insanity" (hopefully there's no other mods with this name?). Basically it makes all the weapons 10x as powerful. I know this has been done before (I think the famous one is called Excessive), but I thought it would make a fun and reasonably simple project to learn with. You start off with all weapons and full ammo (with 10x as much ammo as normal) and 500 health. You also run, jump, swim and fly 50% faster. I'm working on a config screen to allow full user conrtol over everything it has to offer. I've also added smoke grenades. So far the funnest weapon has turned out to be the Insane Bio Rifle on secondary fire, it charges up 100 rounds of ammo in the amount of time it normally takes to charge 10, and if you hit someone with the giant glob of goo in a room full of enemies, everyone dies! :-D I'm not quite to the point where I'm ready to release this but I could be within a few days if I don't have too much work to do.


EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki. Glad you've found it useful. Hope you are enjoying the sand out there :/