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made by The Invoker.

I've put all mutators I've made until now in the Aradd package. Because I'm curious what other people think of it and because I'd like to learn more about scripting from feedback I decided to put it on the internet.




Get 10 life for every kill you make (Max 199)

Lifesteal Plus

Get (another) life for every kill (Max 500)


Get a life every (a little less than a) second. (Max 100)


Get a(nother) life every (a little less than a) second. (Max 199)


Slowly lose life (Min 5), best combined with Lifesteal.

Corrosion Plus

Slowly lose life even faster. (Min 5)


Colormatch: Red

The world becomes completely red.

Colormatch: Yellow

The world becomes completely yellow.

Colormatch: Green

The world becomes completely green :).

Colormatch: Light Blue

The world becomes completely ligth blue.

Colormatch: Dark Blue

The world becomes completely dark blue.

Colormatch: Purple

The world becomes completely purple:S.

Death effects

Death Jumps

Players will make a final jump when they die.

Death Jumps Plus

They jump even higher (and are gibbed when they land)

Corpse Explosions

Players explode when they die.

Corpse Explosions Plus

Hurts even more.

Item replacement:


Health vials give you 10 shield instead of 5 life.

Minigun Flakker

Minigun shoots flaks. (only good at short range)

Better Locking

The rocketlauncher can lock while loading and homing missiles never miss (unless there's a wall in the way or something)

Shockrifle Trigger

You can trigger your shockrifle bolts (bots can't really handle it (yet))


Weapon that places shockbombs which you can trigger (usually quite useless and bots can't handle it)

Flak Sniper

Sniper Rifle that gives an explosion like the altfire of the flakcannon when it hits (probably too powerful)

Enhanced Ripper

AltFire shoots a blade that splits up in multiple blades (& costs more ammo)

Frost Rifle

The weapon I'm most proud of. When it hits it (sometimes) freezes whatever it hit for a seconds. Secondary fire fires a bolt that start more powerful, but becomes weaker (less damage, smaller, smaller freezing chance, shorter freeze duration) the further it travels.


Frozen Floor

Very low friction.

Frozen Floor Plus

NO friction.

High Speed

Players move a lot faster.

The mod

Oops, I almost forgot adding this Aradd.umod (394 KB)


The Invoker: Please tell me what you think of it/report any bugs/comments/tips here.