Once I get that upgrade to 36-hour days, I will tackle that. – Mychaeel


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Mychaeel: Hi, and welcome to the Wiki.  :-) Please add yourself to the list of Project Contributors.

Tarquin: Hi & welcome :D

Thank you. :-) This is a great place for me to get tips on UnrealEd and provide a few of my own (I don't purport to know much.) I guess I can link to my site from here, where I am going to (but haven't yet) add a UT section. I really enjoy making maps, though most of them are fairly crappy. Most of my maps are CTF maps. I'm planning on working on mutators/mods in the future, possibly even some for UT2003.

The unreal media centre (umc)

Anyone who contributes to the UnrealWiki is welcomed to the umc. Please send me an email, and I'll be glad to upgrade your account so you can post reviews and such.

Legacy:Ars-Magna/Test Umm, just a test... :-)

The UT2003 demo has been hosted by my site since about a day after its release, and it has extremely low traffic. If you still want a copy go check it out!

Tarquin: Don't worry too much about layout & stuff. There's a few pages on MetaTopics where we thrashed out conventions.