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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> AssaultInfo (Package: BotPack)

Assault Info:[edit]

An Assault Info Actor allows for that cool little screen that appears when you press F3 during a UT match. It allows you to set up screen shots of each objective and put a short background to your level.

Assault Info Properties:[edit]


The total number of rows to show on the HUD when the Assault Info is displayed. This denotes the number of screenshots that will be visible.

ObjDesc (0-7)[edit]

Allows you to describe your level objectives. It may be possible to use multiple actors to make more objectives, the scroll bars in the window seem to work.

ObjShots (0-7)[edit]

Assign screenshots that will be shown in the display here. Import these like your average Screenshot UT into the MyLevel package, ensure to give them meaningful names.

There isn’t a lot else to be said really, the code just declares the class and defines some variables.