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UT2003 :: Actor >> Inventory >> Weapon >> AssaultRifle (Package: xWeapons)

Assault Rifle is one of the two main weapons that a character starts out with in any type of game. It is a basic weapon that can deal damage but the pain it inflicts is not one to be rivaled to higher weapons like the Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, or perhaps lightning gun (if wielded correctly). The maximum ammunition for the Assault Rifle is 100 bullets.

The Assault Rifle also contains grenades that can be activated by the alternative fire button. The grenades can be fired at different rates depending how long the alternative fire button is held down. The grenades will promptly detonate 5 seconds from launch. These grenades can also affect the character that shot it. Max amount of grenades: 8

Ammo pickups[edit]

Ammo Pickups can be found as a cartridge of bullets with a round case of grenades.

Provides only 4 grenades.

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