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Legacy:Augmentation (DX)

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This is the parent class of all augmentations.

Note that augmentations cannot be given to a player unless they are specified in the player class' augmentationSystem.augClasses[] variable. augmentationSystem is an AugmentationManager (DX) class and each DeusExPlayer (DX) owns one.


bool bAutomatic
float EnergyRate 
amount of bioelectric energy used per minute
int CurrentLevel [travel] 
upgrade level (0-3) of the aug
int MaxLevel 
maximum possible upgrade level. 3 by default
texture icon 
aug icon (used on aug screen?)
int IconWidth, IconHeight 
aug icon's dimensions
texture smallIcon 
small aug icon (used on HUD?)
bool bAlwaysActive 
true for IFF etc. where the aug is always on
bool bBoosted [travel] 
used in conjunection with BoostAugs (a property of AugmentationManager (DX))
int HotKeyNum [travel] 
the hotkey (3-12?) assigned to this particular aug for this particular player
Augmentation next [travel] 
the next aug in the aug chain
bool bUsingMedbot
DeusExPlayer Player 
player that this aug belongs to
float LevelValues[4] 
"values" associated with each level of the aug. The values are applied in different ways for different augs, e.g. it could be the damage scale of shots with ballistic protection or the amount of energy drain for cloak (these are examples - not necessarily true)
bool bHasIt [travel] 
specifies whether the player actually has this aug. The player is "given" all the aug classes at the start of the game but they are not available until this property is true
bool bIsActive [travel] 
is it turned on?
enum EAugmentationLocation AugmentationLocation 
where the aug belongs. Options are: LOC_Cranial, LOC_Eye, LOC_Torso, LOC_Arm, LOC_Leg, LOC_Subdermal, or LOC_Default.
int MPConflictSlot 
the augs are all paired in MP, and the MPConflictSlot configures these pairs. e.g. cloak and vision augs have the same MPConflictSlot.
sound ActivateSound, DeactivateSound, LoopSound 
sounds played on activation, deactivation, and when the aug is on respectively.

Localized strings[edit]

var localized string

EnergyRateLabel, OccupiesSlotLabel, AugLocsText[7];

var() localized string

AugActivated, AugDeactivated, AugmentationName, Description, MPInfo, AugAlreadyHave, AugNowHave, AugNowHaveAtLevel, AlwaysActiveLabel, CanUpgradeLabel, CurrentLevelLabel, MaximumLabel;

Associated classes[edit]

The Augmentation classes are the bare bones of the aug system. If you're planning on making new augs or editing existing augs you should

also look at the following:

To make new augs you will definitely have to modify AugmentationManager either on-the-fly or via a new AugmentationManager class (which will then need a new DeusExPlayer class).