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Well, I came here tonight to find some info on a mutator I'm working on, and the dang thing was spammed. I finally decided to get off my arse and help out reverting the pages, and put this here while I'm at it. ;o)

Stuff I'm working on[edit]

I'm involved with a few projects, under the umbrella of United Scriptors. We're just getting started as a group, but we're a (very) loose group of people from various clans tossing around ideas and creating mods. I'm currently in the process of merging my code for a sniper rifle in with a bunch of ideas others in the group have been giving me.

I'm also starting the planning for a spawn protection mutator and a scoreboard that'll show efficiency along with the normal stuff. The scoreboard's nothing big, it's more for personal consumption on the server I admin (shameless plug for my clan).

Mosquito: Hey, weclome mate. And thanks for helping revert the pages. That spaming was something incredible!

Tarquin: welcome to the unreal wiki, and thanks for the spam reverting. it looks like you guys were under heavy attack while I was asleep :(

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Thanks for the de-spam - mucho appreciated.