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if you want to contact me, for any reason, here are soem good ways:

E-mail: blaaguuu@comcast.net

MSN IM: duh... ^^^

AIM: blaaguuu

IRC: #ballers #clansop #bloodpit @ irc.progameplayer.com

What I do[edit]

My skills when it comes to Unreal are mainly Coding and Mapping

I love helping people out with all of those, so if you are havign any troubles, feel free to contact me by the means above.

I usually keep myself pretty busy, but if you need someone for Coding or Mapping for a project of yours, drop me a line, and i might be inclined to join you.

Abotu Meh[edit]

My name is Devon Carlson... i enjoy just about anything relating to computers, and LOVE the Unreal engine with all my hearts :D

as of 4/11/03 I am a purple belt in 2 martial arts, Judo and Wing Chun Do, and have participated in 3 competitions.

and BTW, I am teh typ0 king... I have been pretty careful about re-reading my changes here and catching as much as i can, but there are still in abundance, and I apologise ;) (had to edit atleast 10 typos in that sentance alone)


Here are some of my Mod/Mutator/Mapping projects:

BloodPit - Mod[edit]


BloodPit is, in simplest terms, Sumo Wrestling with a shield gun.

BloodPit is round based, and the point of the game is just like Team DeathMatch - kill the other team before they can kill you.

There are 3 ways to kill an oponent - by boostign them into the Pit - by jumping on their head (each head stomp does 50 damage, and pressign the crouch key after jumpign makes you stomp down quickly) - and finaly, by juggling the enemy in the air 3 times, without them touching the ground.

Project Progress: Public Beta 1.0 released. about 40% done on 1.1

My Job: the coder, a little mapping



ZxAnPhOrIaN: moo

GRAF!K: Moo? o_O I wonder how I'd refactor this to document mode... ;-)