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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Keypoint (UT) >> BlockPlayer (Package: Engine)

The BlockPlayer actor is pretty similar to the BlockAll actor, so I'm just going to discuss the differences here. The BlockPlayer actor, unlike the BlockAll actor, only blocks players, bots, and translocators. BlockPlayer actors are perfect for putting a top on your level without causing weapons to explode right above the playing field. There are several problems with the BlockPlayer actor however that I'll go over here:

  • The bCollideActors boolean under collision is incorrect by default, unlike the BlockAll actor, which is fine.
  • In my experience small collision height values (like under 128), lead to the translocator being able to go past the actor and other weird behavior.

Set the following properties to make the BlockPlayer actor work:

  • Collision -> bCollideActors = true
  • Collision -> CollisionHeight and CollisionRadius as desired

To see the collision of any actor enable Actor -> Radii View in the Viewport Caption Context Menu and select the actor.