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Name: Block Wars

Type: Total Conversion

Outline: Block wars is based on a game by Games Workshop set in the Judge Dredd universe. In Block Wars, the objective is to completely destroy the enemies building. In order to do this you must deal enough damage to each floor so that the entire building collapses. In order to deal enough damage to a floor to cause it to collapse, you must destroy all rooms on that floor. When a room (or floor) collapses, no character may enter it. The 2 buildings will be connected through any various number of ways.



  • Madman: Fast and furious, this character has only a little health. A bonus is killing him will not count as a TK if he is on your team.
  • CityCorp: Your average blocker (a resident of the buildings), they guard the building zealously. The can put out fires and defuse bombs.
  • Superhero: Limited to one per team, the character can fly and is incredibly tough. Unfortunately, he can't set bombs, start fires, spray graffiti, or loot. He is just "too nice"
  • Punks: The kids know how to use weapons. However, they are mostly used to deface the enemy block with gobs of graffiti. They are also the only class that can use hoverboards.
  • Fatties: This class is so fat they have to roll on wheels. The have incredible health, but are exteremly slow. However, they can deal damage by ramming enemies.


  • Knife: Your average sharp instrument of death.
  • Stump Gun: Pump-action lethality in your hands.
  • Spitgun: Fires lead at an incredible rate.
  • Demo Charge: Used for demolishing those impetus neighbors.
  • Flamethrower: Setting things on fire is always fun.
  • Spray Paint: Non-Lethal but very demeaning to the soul
  • Missile Launcher: Launches little balls of furious death.
  • Missile Defense Lazer: Shoot down those pesky missiles, or just cause vehicles to explode. Either way, this is a fun gun.


  • Armor: Protects your fragile form.
  • Hoverboard: Allows the user to fly.
  • Jetpack: Same as hoverboard.
  • Various others


  • Line of Fire: The buildings are directly across from each other. Let the slaughter begin!


  • You may set a room on fire to deal it damage and potentially burn down the whole building
  • You can fly
  • Vehicles to traverse the streets
  • You may spray paint a room or window to increase your total points.
  • After a while another team is spawned called the "Judges". Their goal is to kill every last one of the blockers. When they spawn spawning is turned off for the blockers. As soon as all blockers are dead, the game ends.



  • Dragonmaw: Lead Modelling, Founder


MythOpus: Nice idea, It'll take some time to code however... what will the spray paint do in the game though? I might start coding for this soon :D

MythOpus: Oopsies ! I don't think you should have it on this page. It might confuse people ;) IMO you should make it a subclass of your personal page or move this to the ModIdeas page :D

Dragonmaw: Yeah I need to set it as a subclass. The Spray Paint ingame will, when used, cause a selectable image to appear on the surface you are spraying on. And it would be great if you could help code, since I only know basic code. I'm more of a modeller/mapper than anything.