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Legacy:Brush Deletion

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Note: Read about how to delete brushes on Actor Overview.

Some mappers delete the brush actors from the final version of their map. If no further building of geometry and BSP is performed, the absence of the brushes has no effect on the game.

In UT2003, it doesn't matter much if you brush delete because static meshes cure that file-size problem.


  • Reduced filesize. (Usually not much if the map is compressed.)
  • Hides secret tricks such as Jailbreak escape routes, although people will usually rather use "ghost" to figure them out than open your map in UnrealEd anyway.
  • Superficially hides "l33t brushwork so it can't be nicked." See below for how to reveal it anyway.


  • Brushwork can still be revealed and copied. Since the BSP is still present, you can simply intersect (which defeats all "security considerations").
  • Commonly considered antisocial in the Unreal community. (Those who just want to steal geometry still can, but those who honestly want to learn from your skills can't.)
  • Crashes when you try to select the brush that belonged to the deleted brushes surfaces (Shift-Click on surface).

Bot 40: I always delete(d) my brushes in maps just to keep the filesize down. I'm on a 56Ghey so it takes a long time to upload as well as download ya know :-) I always keep a copy of the map with brushes on my HD and put a note in the readme so anyone who wants to look at the brushes can if they want.