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Well, most of you might be wondering what 'brush preservation' is and what it is used for. Brush Preservation is preserving the Red Builder Brush for future use.

How to preserve the brush[edit]

  • Create the brush (RBB)
  • Manipulate the brush to liking
  • Use Transform -> Transform Permantly
  • Copy the RBB (CTRL-C)
  • Paste the RBB (CTRL-V)
  • You should now see a brush with a grey outline.

How to make the grey outlined brush the RBB.

  • Select the grey outlined brush in the 2d viewport
  • Use Polygons -> To Brush
  • You should see a RBB sculpted out of the grey brush.
  • Use the RBB to make geometry



  • When I made the grey outlined brush the brush vanishes when I deselect it?

Don't be mad! Just look for it in the 2d viewport and it will be there!

  • When I save the map and reopen it, the grey brush in the 2d viewport vanishes?

Press the Show All Actors button in the toolbox.


ZxAnPhOrIaN: The preceeding might need clarification or rewriting. :) Also, I made up that name (Brush Preservation). :P

Tarquin: "Why isn't anybody reading or commenting this page?" – I havent commented because I'm a bit confused by it... Why not just add the brush to the map in a corner somewhere? You can read the RBB from the Additive Brush later with Polygons -> To Brush. There's Brush Exporting And Importing too. You can copy - paste to a text file too.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Well, it's better because you don't have to rebuild when you use the copied brush.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Also subtlely cuts down on the size.

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