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Franklin Webber[edit]

Personal Data[edit]

  • Attributes.
    • Aspriring Unrealscript programmer.
    • College Student.
    • Married with Children.

Projects / Code.[edit]

Project Portfolio - Java, PHP, and XML.

Running Man - Unreal Mod and Development Journal


Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki and happy coding! :)

Burtlo: Thanks. I'm new to Wiki and new to Unrealscript. I'm very interested in writing material to help other developers figure things out. As my current growing pains are the tutorials that get you started but don't take you any further. Luckily I seem to be piecing it together.

Wormbo: Nice work adding all those class pages, but please try to explain what functions and varaibles are used for, not what their code does. Also please try to figure out which functions were inherited from superclasses.

Burtlo: I hope I'm not making too much work for you, by putting up half-ass pages. I'll take your suggestions and your fixes and apply them in the future to the next few pages that I write. Thanks for for working behind me.