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About Me[edit]

Well I'm Buu, I'm from a small town in the Netherlands called Yerseke, and I play UT. I'm 14 years old and i'm doing bilingual education (most subjects fully in English, but my grammar sucks :/ ) and I'm in the 3rd grade now :-)

I'm mapping for a few months right now and I'm (I think at least) finished with a large outdoor CTF map called Mountain Wars. I've just submitted it into Nali City and I hope U like it :D.

I'm going to create more outdoor maps, because I like 'em and they are big :D

My Work[edit]

I'm just a n00b, I think, but here are my maps:

My first map CTF-MountainWars. A large outdoor map. Pleez try it, It's not that bad i think :D

More on the way!

My Work @ the Wiki[edit]

Just filling up those ugly question marks with what I know for UT. Maybe not needed, but who cares :D

Guest Book[edit]

EntropicLqd: Hi, Welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay here.

Tarquin: Hello! Welcome :) I've moved the page you made to FlakAmmo BTW.

Buu: Thanks! Do you guys think it is needed to create pages that are wanted even if they probably aren't read? I'm doing some to get rid of those annoying question marks, but I think no one will ever read them. Isn't it more helpful to delete the links?

Guest: There's no harm in just leaving the '?' links. :)

Buu: I know, but it just doesn't look OK. and someone made those links, so they probably want that the page is filled.

Tarquin: That's not exactly how a wiki works. We tend to make links just in case there's a page there one day :)