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Legacy:Cache Cleaner

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A Cache cleaner extracts files from your cache and writes them, with proper names, to your hard drive.

Who Cares?[edit]

When you play online, if you don't have a particular map, texture, or other package, the server sends you it. So the first time you play VCTF-WS-StupidDeathRocket2k4 on someones SUPER1337BALLISTIC-MMORPGOMGZ-M/-\tr><-XXRelicxz server, you'll get awfully familiar with the black screen showing a percentage-done indicator.

UT2004 places these downloaded files in your Cache subdirectory, with garbled names, and keeps the filename in Cache/Cache.ini, so next time you need those packages they don't need to be downloaded again.

HOWEVER. Files can expire from the cache, so after so much playing with new maps and weapons and other features, you will find yourself having to download VCTF-WS-StupidDeathRocket-2k4 all over again.

Cache cleaners alleviate this problem. They scan the Cache.ini file and offer you a list of files to be extracted. Then you click "go" and the cache cleaner renames the files and moves them to a suitable directory. Once VCTF-WS-StupidDeathRocket-2k4.ut2 is in your Maps directory, it won't need to be downloaded again.

Where to get them[edit]

I've used at least two cache cleaners in the past. However, at the time of writing, I was unable to find one on the net for free, so I wrote my own in python. If you are fortunate enough to have cygwin, this python script will run more-or-less out-of-the-box. utft