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Captain Kewl: Kewlness Incarnate, and the Kewlest of the Kewl. The standard by which all things kewl are judged. Think kewl. Even kewler. Now even kewler than that. That's how kewl I am.

Contact me at jasonyu at boilingpoint dot com. I also pathologically poke my head in #marathon on irc.utchat.com throughout the day.

AKA "The Eggplant Wizard" on EpicKnights.com.

Lame Placeholder Webpage

A Page of Unreal Stuff

The Secret Origin of Captain Kewl

EntropicLqd: I just read you XCTF developer journal. Regarding the bot AI. I asked the Epic chaps whether you could change the bot AI using a mutator (for the single flag CTF mod I'm writing) . The answer is yes, but, Steve Polge reccomended that I actually created my own game type for this. I might have issues otherwise. Good luck btw.

I would love to see the off-hand grapple as a mutator though - that was my fave mod for Quake :)

captk: Alrighty then – that problem's solved. Thanks for reading. :)

TaoPaiPai: Hey Jason Is that you?

Captain K: In the flesh. er, as it were. Hey all.

TaoPaiPai: Hey that's me Laurent from 'ew.u' :)

Tarquin: Hi. Welcome aboard :-)

ArcaneSpeech: Why do people think "kewl" is so cool? Not that it isn't, it's just always irked me for no particular reason.

Goner: Read The Secret Origin of Captain Kewl to find out!

GRAF!K: You think highly of yourself. ;-) (See top of page)

capt. And you're not kewl enough to post on my page. Just wait till I pimp my OMFG 1337 new TC MOD with a bunch of concept drawings and 900,000-poly model renderings in Maya. That'll show you.

GRAF!K: ;-)

MinisterFish: Thanks for the work on the U2ModMenu. Should make some things simpler.