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What Is CaveUT?[edit]

Quoted from the CaveUT homepage

CaveUT 2004 is a set of modifications allowing the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) game engine to display in CAVE-like displays and panoramic digital theaters. It supports off-axis projection for correct perspective and multiple views from the observer's viewpoint.

I have only re-created the UT2003 version, and thought I would share what was invloved.


Basically, you set up your machines in a lan-play configuration. The way this mod works is there is one server, and the other machines are simply spectators, each driving a different point of view.

More Detail[edit]

The modification includes an open-source opengl32.dll wrapper file (currently only runs on windows) that distorts the projection across the corners of the cave, allowing the view to be consistant across the multiple screen. Each UT200* instance needs to be running in OpenGL driver mode. Note: This wrapper is generic, I did manage to use it for another OpenGL game.

There is a complete installation and configuration explanation on the CaveUT home site.