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I'm working on a modest UT2003 mod with another programmer. Our goal is to see what interesting gameplay we can implement with little or no art asset work. The cross-platformness of the Unreal engine was a real draw. (If only the ucc make tool were also cross-platform!)

My own wiki/blog thing can be found at Mod work journal is also on my wiki.

This wiki is a life-saver. Without it I suspect we'd have bailed on the Unreal engine and found something better documented.

email: ceej at spies dot com

Because I am a masochist, and also because I can't afford Max, I have begun work on a set of Lightwave plugins to import and export psk skeletal meshes and psa skeletal animations. The importer is essentially working, and just needs user interface polish. The exporter is in the starting phases. Screenshots and other information are on the project page. I'll probably release the C++ source under a Creative Commons license when I'm done. I wrote some general tools for reading and writing psa and psk files that might come in handy.

At some point I'll need to port the plugins to the PC. (I use Lightwave on OS X, so that's where I'm doing the work.) There are a couple of endian issues that might be gotchas, but it should otherwise be easy.

Wormbo: Hi and welcome to the Wiki. :)